Beginners Guide to 5k

Interested in Running a 5k?
Let our expert coaches introduce you the right way.
technique. pacing. nutrition. shoes. all of it!


While our physical gym may be closed, we are moving this training program online!

The start date will now be March 29, and we will send 1 video lecture per week, for 4 weeks.  The lectures will include a topic of discussion, how to perform the skill drills, discussions of the homework (workouts) and more! The lectures can be watched at any time.

The social distancing we are experiencing is a great time to lace up your running shoes, learn a new skill, and run around your neighborhood for some fresh air!

why 5k from cfs?

Learn Proper Run Technique

Learn How to Pace

Learn Nutrition to Fuel Your Run

Learn About Running Shoes

Reduce Injuries

Learn to Enjoy Running! 


My friend and I just ran our first 5k after taking your class and would just like to thank you.  We did awesome....I placed ninth in my division and my friend was right there with me. We did fast feet, pulled from hamstrings, ran tall and rocked our breathing.  I used your advice on properly eating and hydrating before and I felt great.  I also had my fleet feet shoes on and everything felt awesome.  I've been getting strong at CFS and just felt so prepared. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with really made such a difference :) 

- Taryn

i'm interested!

Is this only for CrossFit Simsbury members?

No!  Everyone is welcome.  All ages, all athletic abilities.  

What does it cost, and how do I sign up?

The cost is $80 for CFS members, and $100 for non-members.  To sign up, fill in the information box above and it will take you to the signup page!

I'm not a runner, but I'm interested.  Can I do this?

Absolutely!  You can achieve anything the mind believes.  If you are not a "runner" we will give you the skills, technique, and knowledge to turn you into one if you want!

Why should I take this course?

Many pick up running as a way to get into shape.  Many just go out, buy new shoes, and quite literally, start running.  In this course we are going to dial it back.  First we are going to teach you how to run and the technique behind it.  We are going to talk about shoes - the good and the bad.  We are going to talk about general nutrition as well as race day nutrition. And we are going to do one workout per class to help prepare us for the race! 

I've been injured running before.  Should I do this?

YES!  Many get injured running from improper running form.  A couple tweaks to your technique can help reduce the likelihood of a running injury.

Do you have showers?

Negative.  We have restrooms where you can change, but we do not have shower facilities.

I'm out of shape.  How hard are the classes?

A big portion of our classes will be dedicated to learning as well as getting a proper warmup.  We will offer 3 versions of the workout (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and we can modify it to you even further based on your level.  This is a beginner level course, and most will be new to running!

I have an injury.  Can I still do the program?

In short, yes.  Our program is scalable, meaning we can work around injuries, tight muscles, and creaky joints.  Every session our Coaches will help you to modify the workout to keep you moving so you can still get a great workout while not aggravating the injury.  

Is one class per week enough to prepare me?

Classes are for learning and working out.  We will also give you a little homework to do between classes!

I am not flexible and workouts tend to make it worse.  Help!

Each class we will do a proper warmup and cooldown.  We'll teach you stretches you can do at home to help loosen you up!

I've done many 5k's but have never learned proper technique.  Can I take this course?

Absolutely!  It is never too late to learn the fundamentals.  All levels of runners are welcome!

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Rob Olson

Owner / head coach


Rob grew up right here in Simsbury.  After graduating Avon Old Farms he attended Drexel University for three years.  He then decided a life of Biomedical Engineering was not for him, and he enlisted in the Navy to pursue his dream of being a Navy SEAL.  After six years as a SEAL, he got out and moved back home to Simsbury to open CrossFit Simsbury.  He currently lives in town with his wife Denise and two sons, Blake and Fitzgerald.  

Rob has been doing CrossFit for over 10 years and loves mixing powerlifting with endurance work.  He has a 525lb deadlift, 325 bench, and has completed Ironman Lake Placid 140.6 in 2017 and did his first Ultra Run in 2018 - North Face 50k in MA.  Most recently, he completed a 50 Mile Ultra Marathon.