Coach Denise doing a "Lunch & Learn" at Sikorsky

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Coach Denise doing a seminar at Avon Old Farms

Corporate Wellness

Do you own a business or work in one that values healthy and happy employees? We have multiple offerings depending on the size of the business and what you desire to get out of it.  Some of the common packages businesses choose:


- Series of Lunch & Learns

- 28 Day Nutrition Challenges

- Group Fitness Classes (at ResoluteFIT, or your gym, depending on location)

Denise Olson


Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Decreased Sick Leave and Absenteeism

Increased Productivity of Employees

Increased Job Satisfaction

Decreased Stress of Employees

Decreased Use of Healthcare Benefits and Workers Compensation

Improve Health and Body Composition

Competitive Edge in Hiring Process

Improved Physical Fitness and Mobility