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Why Dumbbells & Diapers?

Safely return to fitness postpartum

Learn to repair and strengthen your core/pelvic floor

Meet other moms interested in health & wellness

Feel stronger

Workouts are for ALL abilities

Feel better

Have more energy

Burn fat


When is it safe to return to working out?

Ask your doctor for their specific recommendation, but the general guideline is 6 weeks postpartum.

I never worked out before/during pregnancy, is this still for me?

Even more reason to start now!  Our workouts are tailored to each mom.  We can make them easier or harder depending on your fitness level and where you are in your postpartum journey.

What do I do if my child is upset during class?

That's the beauty of an all-Moms class; we understand blowouts happen, children need to be fed, or held, or talked to. Tend to your little one and hop right back into the workout!

When are classes held?

Tuesday @ 10:15am - 11:15am

Thursday @ 10:15am - 11:15am

Can my child come to class?

Yes!  This is designed as a "Mommy and Me" class where your little one hangs out in a pack-n-play or lays on a playmat (anywhere they are safely contained). 

Do I have to bring my child?

Craving a little dedicated Mom time? You can absolutely come solo.

Do I need experience?

No experience needed! We will teach you everything you need to know to safely workout each class!  The Prep Course is not needed.

Can we go to regular group class?

After the month ends, you can signup for another session, or if you prefer to attend the regular group classes, you can do so after completing an abbreviated Prep Course.

After having my second baby, I was finding it more difficult to return to fitness and establish a regular routine so I was thrilled when I came across a class that was specifically targeted for post-partum women. While it is no surprise that a woman's body goes through immense changes with pregnancy and childbirth, getting back into shape can be a daunting task. I felt safe and supported knowing that the classes were focused on restoring core strength and pelvic floor health, without having to worry about which exercises should be avoided. Denise did a great job of explaining exercises and giving feedback to ensure they were performed correctly and providing the greatest benefit. She was very knowledgeable on which exercises to avoid, and which ones would be most beneficial during the post-partum period, and it gave me even more confidence knowing that she had recently gone through the same transformation. Each class had options to scale the workout so we were able to challenge ourselves when we felt ready, or modify when needed. I have always been an active person and was pleasantly surprised at how challenging the workouts were! The best part of Dumbbells and Diapers was having the ability to bring my new baby with me so I was able to make fitness a priority, without having to sacrifice time with my daughter or feel guilty about leaving her in those early months. I feel stronger than ever and would highly recommend this class to new moms of all fitness levels!  - Michele


I always said I would be the kind of person who prioritized fitness.  Then I had two kids.  Logistics have always been a continual issue, so when I heard about Dumbbells and Diapers I knew it was a big opportunity for me.  The first sessions were TOUGH.  It was hard to face how much my body had changed and how out of shape I was.  But I hung in there and I'm so pumped about the progress I've made!  I knew the fitness and weights would have a big impact; I'm happier, stronger, more energetic, sleep better, and eat better.  What I didn't really account for was how significant the abdominal and pelvic floor repair work be for me.  I had over an inch of abdominal separation when I started and 12 weeks later it has completely closed.  More importantly, I can actually feel my core when I exercise (or even just pick up my baby) and I'm feeling more like myself again.  Denise has been a fantastic coach, managing to blend tough programming with encouragement and empathy for the unique challenges of being postpartum.  She has pushed me to do more when I could and helped me scale appropriately when things didn't feel right.  All in all, I am so grateful to have the flexibility of bringing my baby with me to the gym and am so excited to make some more gains. - Emma


Investing in Dumbbells and Diapers was the BEST decision I could have made! I wish I had joined sooner! The program is well thought out with emphasis on core/pelvic floor rebuilding and strength, which is so important for woman at any stage of post pregnancy. I have tried other facilities where I would leave my daughter in the daycare. She would get so upset, it was awful! I love that I can have her with me during my workout, she hangs out in the stroller and cheers us on. I highly recommend this program for all Mama's to keep you motivated and to be a part of this great community at CF Simsbury! - Nicole


I had been an active Crossfitter for about five years when I had my son this August.  Even though I worked out all throughout my pregnancy, once my son arrived, I had a hard time getting back into the gym!  It was either that the timing did not work out, or I was feeling self-conscious and intimidated by the thought of going back and not being able to pick up right where I left off before I got pregnant.  The Dumbbells and Diaper program changed everything for me.  The ability to bring my son and have him there was not only convenient, but inspiring!  I found myself wanting to do better and be better for him!  But it went much farther than that.  Coach Denise, was so knowledgeable about what muscles needed to be targeted for a postpartum mother and how to safely approach getting back into shape after pregnancy and birth.  Although our babies joined us in class, the workouts were no baby workouts!  They were challenging and tough, but always with scaling options to ensure each mom’s health and safety first.  As someone who has been a Crossfitter, it was nice to get back into WODs that safely pushed, but worked muscles that continued to help me heal, recover and strengthen my post-baby body. 


Being a mother herself, Coach Denise, creates a comfortable and relatable environment, understanding firsthand the challenges that the new mothers were facing.  I would recommend this program to every mother out there, whether an avid Crossfitter, or no experience at all, Dumbbells and Diapers is an excellent program designed to help your body heal and grow stronger with the wonderful benefit of having your little one right there with you!

Membership option:

Memberships are monthly.

Times: Tue & Thur @ 10:15am

Memberships do not auto-renew.

If you would like to join the next month, purchase a membership at the same link

Cost is $20/class, billed for the number of classes in that month.
(Example: September will have 8 classes; cost is $160+tax)

We do not offer single class passes or trials.
(It takes so much individual coaching to get new members up to speed
it takes away from the class)

Denise Olson
Head Coach of Dumbbells & Diapers


Denise is Postpartum Health Coach and works with women to support them in being the healthiest, happiest mamas they can be. She's also the Head Nutrition Coach at ResoluteFIT, and a former pediatric nurse & certified yoga instructor. She is married to Rob, owner of ResoluteFIT, Step-Mom to Blake, Mom to Fitzgerald & Marabelle and dog mom to Lincoln.

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