Vivid Vision




This vision is a detailed description of what ResoluteFIT will look like, feel like, and act like in January 2024. By writing out our vision and encapsulating every detail imaginable, we can set our sights on the organization we desire to be. Similar to how our new members envision themselves accomplishing their health and fitness goals, we will create strategies and benchmarks based on this vision to keep us striving to achieve our best potential. We wish for our team, our members, our friends and family, and everyone involved with this incredible community to read this vision and share this journey with us.




It is January 2024. ResoluteFIT is the premier fitness facility in the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut. We attract clientele from all of the surrounding towns. At heart, we are a coaching business, and our facility provides everything needed to get and stay fit. Our members are healthy, happy, and empowered to live their best lives. We accomplish these objectives through fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching.




The culture is the most vital aspect of this company and what sets it apart from our competitors. Our facility may seem intimidating from the outside, but once a client steps inside and spends time with our team, ResoluteFIT’s true nature is revealed. We are a group of kind, caring, helpful, and encouraging people: coaches helping members, coaches helping coaches, and members helping other members. Negativity has no place here. We inspire and encourage growth through physical challenges, which lift mental barriers to other roadblocks in life. Our community’s successes in the gym follow them outside of its walls, and they experience greater growth, success, and happiness in all aspects of life.




The coaches and staff at ResoluteFIT are widely known as the go-to experts for all things health, wellness, and performance. We are a healthy and happy crew who inspire others to follow our footsteps by leading from the front. Humble and hard-working, we boast impeccable attention to detail.

We employ four full-time coaches and six part-time coaches, as well as several support staff. Our full-time staff members earn a great living and are offered health benefits, retirement plans, and a suite of perks that are similar to those of a Fortune 500 company.

We also sublet space within the gym to massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors, all of whom we hold to similarly high standards of professionalism as our in-house staff.

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy life. When at work, our coaches are dedicated and extremely hardworking. Their drive for entrepreneurialism creates more earning potential for them as individuals and more growth for the company. In their off-work hours, they are models of healthy and happy living. Two weeks’ paid time off is standard for full-time coaches, with senior staff eligible for more. Continuing education is critical, and we take every opportunity to implement the growth mindset our team members possess.




Our models of instruction, culture, and sales attract a unique group of clients whom we desire to work with. We are the primary choice of gym for friendly, growth-minded individuals who seek improvement—both mentally and physically—through physical challenges, all while sharing connections with other like-minded individuals. Our members value coaching and solicit feedback in order to improve. Our members are positive, uplifting, and encouraging.

Negativity is not tolerated, and if a member demonstrates a pattern of negativity, they will be referred to another gym. We are not for everyone. Friendliness is a hallmark, with members introducing themselves to new members in the class and checking in on those who have missed classes. Last but not least, our members are hardworking, regardless of fitness level. They know and understand that hard work pays off and that our coaching team is here to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves.




We offer multiple services to facilitate the goals of our members. The main pillar is group classes. We offer six signature functional fitness program classes per day. These one-hour classes offer a mix of strength work and high-intensity functional fitness. Classes are capped at 15 members so our coaches can do what they do best—coach—and not be distracted with managing larger groups.

Our second most popular pillar is personal training. Individual one-on-one time with a coach, featuring customized programming, creates an unparalleled opportunity for growth and progress. We also offer a teen program to introduce the health and wellness lifestyle to younger generations.


Nutrition coaching is incorporated seamlessly into all of our other programs, as proper nutrition leads to optimal performance and weight loss. Our nutrition coaches teach habit-based nutrition in a one-on-one setting so our members can make lasting and significant changes that result in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

To round out our services, we also offer team training and corporate wellness. Local high school teams book our times in advance, as we are widely known to produce top-performing teams. Local businesses and larger corporations rave about our Lunch-n-Learn offerings. They also value our in-house nutrition challenges that foster healthier and happier employees, resulting in a reduction of sick days and workers compensation claims, as well as improved productivity and increased employee happiness.




We utilize the “Help First” philosophy and never pressure a sale. When a prospective member visits for a No Sweat Intro, we truly desire to get to know them and find out:

  • What brings them in?

  • What have they done in the past that has worked, or has not worked?

  • Do they have any injuries?

  • What are they looking to accomplish, and in what time frame?


Then, we present a customized plan for how they can achieve their desired goals via an à la carte delivery of our services. All new members who wish to attend group classes must first complete our Prep Course. As we like to say, “We do not want to just put another fish in the fish tank.” We want to spend one-on-one time with every new member to establish the coach-athlete relationship and really get to know them—their movement, level of conditioning, current injuries or limitations, and even about their life and family! This is the beginning of our long relationship, and a strong foundation is critical to create the trust and teamwork needed to achieve the results they desire.




Our marketing outreach is done primarily through social media. Marketing is done in-house by an assigned staff member, but all coaches help with writing blogs and contributing ideas for social media. We post photos of classes and coaching sessions on our social media channels to encourage current members and attract new ones. Also, we provide value by demonstrating correct form in exercises and providing tips for better health, wellness, and nutrition. Our press photos show real members who are smiling in the majority of the photos as a way to highlight the positivity that flows through our space, and we love to feature member success stories to inspire others! Local newspapers regularly showcase our success stories and contributions through community outreach programs.





We use the Profit First accounting system, which allows us to scale expenses as revenue grows and to continue investing in our mission. We also use a model of revenue sharing to budget and drive entrepreneurialism among our team members. These systems allow us to stay debt-free, remain a stable presence in our community through unexpected downturns, provide opportunities for staff, and grow intelligently while serving our ultimate purpose.




Our 7,000 square foot facility is a source of empowerment. As clients walk in the main entrance, they are welcomed by the friendly smile of a staff member. Our staff knows each client’s name—and always uses it! Fun and upbeat music plays in the lobby. Here, clients can purchase any protein product or supplement needed to improve health and fitness. We carry only clean and proven products.

Tucked away in the corner of the lobby is a quiet and relaxing room reserved for massage therapy, purposely located away from the louder music of the gym. Our professional massage therapist is renowned as an expert in providing relief for sore muscles!

Next door are the separate men’s and women’s restrooms/changing areas, each with multiple showers. The facilities are bright, clean, and stocked with everything required to get clean and fresh after class so members can continue on with the day.

There are three other rooms, each with a dedicated use, located across from the restrooms. The sauna provides members with an opportunity to relax and de-stress at their convenience. Across from the sauna is the consultation room, where we conduct our No Sweat Intros and Nutrition Consultations. The room is professional and neat, and one entire wall is filled with pictures and success stories of our members. Next door, there is a professional treatment room staffed by resident physical therapists and chiropractors who are ready to treat every ache and discomfort. These professionals help our coaching clients and local community members get back in action quickly and safely.

The 5,000 square foot main workout room has an industrial and robust aesthetic, but is clean, neat, and organized. Equipment is all top-of-the-line, and is clean and well-maintained. The space is well-lit in the winter, and in the summer the three garage bay doors open to allow for maximum sunlight and air flow. Fun, upbeat music is played through Sonos speakers so it can reach an appropriate volume (never blasting) at all areas of the gym. The vibe is energetic and enthusiastic. A snapshot of each class shows everyday folks working hard, led by a caring and energetic coach. After the workout, the room is filled with smiles and fist bumps. It is an atmosphere unlike any other—anyone who witnesses it desires to become a part of it.


Charity and Community Engagement


Giving back to the community is important to ResoluteFIT. Our charitable philosophy is sweat equity—helping those in need through our physical abilities and positive mindsets. Specifically, we sponsor toy drives at the holidays, food drives for Thanksgiving, and a Red Cross Blood Drive twice each year.




To be the premier health and fitness destination in the Farmington Valley area and empower our members to live their best lives.


To support members in becoming the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves through fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching.


Hard Work Pays Off.

When it comes to health, wellness, and fitness, there are no shortcuts. Hard work is a must. Results are directly proportional to effort. Whether completing a workout, preparing healthy lunches for the week, or leading a class at 4:45 AM, our team leads from the front, embracing hard work and showing what is possible.


Be Positive and Optimistic. It Will Change Your Life.

Mindset is everything. Every situation, every interaction, and every task is done with a positive and optimistic outlook. Seeing and believing everything from a “half-full” perspective creates self-fulfilling prophesies. Even negative interactions or results, when viewed with optimism, lead to lessons learned to create a better outcome for next time. We believe in ourselves, our mission, and our members.


Always Pursue Excellence. Never Settle.

Our team is dedicated to and driven by excellence. Whether programming a workout, helping to troubleshoot a member’s nutrition, or simply cleaning the bathrooms, our team is constantly pursuing excellence. After each task, we ask ourselves “Is this my best work?” We take great pride in striving for excellence in all areas of our lives, personally and professionally.