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5 Tips for Holiday Eating

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is jam packed with family events, holiday shopping, decorating, work functions, gym functions (December 9th everyone!!!!), lots of traveling and cramming as much holiday spirit into 7 weeks as you can. For some, ok-many, this time of year is also synonymous with loosing sight of goals, overeating, weight gain, over-indulgence, and as a result, regret come January 1. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Take a moment to let this sink in: you have complete control over how you approach the holidays, and the way you’ll feel heading into 2018. Boom.

This is not to say you need to deprive yourself and be weird at holiday parties, sneaking veggies from your bag instead allowing yourself one of those irresistible mini hot-dogs wrapped in warm crescent rolls, but we do believe there is a healthy way to approach the holidays and we’d like to share some tips:

  1. Maintain your fitness regimen. Consistency is the number one component to success, so tapering off or skipping workouts, particularly when you might not be as strict with your nutrition, is not a wise choice! Traveling can make getting to the box a little tricky, so see below for some CFS treats you can do anywhere, anytime 😊

  2. We’ve all heard the term “cheat day.” Now, go ahead and make the conscious decision to replace the idea of a cheat day, with that of a cheat meal. As we head into Thanksgiving, set yourself up for success. Knowing you will be surrounded by a plethora of delicious foods and probably be eating more than your typical portion, you might wonder how you can do this. For one, rather than treating the entire holiday as a cheat day, eat clean-and perhaps even smaller portions-for breakfast and lunch so that heading into your Thanksgiving dinner your caloric intake won’t be astronomical. Secondly, treat yo’self, while keeping in mind-food is fuel! Absolutely have some of those mouth-watering side dishes and indulge in some dessert, but not before loading your plate with veggies and protein so that you’re giving your body what it needs! We’ve already touched upon maintaining your fitness, but here it is again—workout that morning! Get that metabolism going and start your day off feeling good! Lastly, try not to let the holiday turn into a holi-weekend that you are really feeling the effects of Monday morning.

  3. Bringing a dish to share with your family? Try something you’ll feel good about eating! Some great ideas are sweet potatoes, oven roasted butternut squash or cauliflower, a spiralized veggie gratin, etc. Go back to basics; too often we forget how delicious real, whole foods are before adding all the other stuff to them.

  4. Alcohol. If you know you’ll be having a few drinks in celebration of your gratefulness there are a few things you can do help counteract the less than positive side effects…

  5. Pre-hydrate and rehydrate. Drink a ton of water, and then some more. It’s the elixir of life.

  6. If possible, choose a lower calorie option. One vodka with club soda and a wedge of lime has about 70 calories, while most glasses of wine average somewhere around 125 calories. Both of these seem relatively low compared to most “heavy” beers averaging about 240 calories per 12 ounces. Having a few of these can add up to greater than the caloric intake of your meal pretty quickly.

  7. Include some detoxifying beverages the next morning; kombucha, water with lemon, or ginger and lemon tea are great options that support gut health and help detoxify your body of the unwanted side effects of alcohol. (Note: Sorry to report, none of these will cure a hangover.)

  8. Enjoy your holiday! Whether you are new to improving your nutrition or it’s something you’ve spent a long time working to dial in, try not to stress about how the day is going to derail you. Remember, you are in control.

We hope these tips can help you guys navigate your way through the holiday season! We are truly grateful for each and every one of you, and what you bring to the community at CrossFit Simsbury, and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Travel WODs:


Air Squats



300 Air Squats for Time

+ Any time you break, do 5 burpees

Accumulate 5 minutes of extended arm plank

+ Any time you break, do 5 burpees

Partner WOD, You-Go-I-Go per Round

10 Rounds each

10 Air Squats

10 Mountain Climbers

Before/After dinner go for a walk around the block.

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