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InBody is here!

CrossFit Simsbury is the proud new owner of an InBody scanner! Here is a quick breakdown of what it does, why its beneficial, and who should get a scan.

What is it:

  • A high-tech scale that measures your body composition

  • Takes about 15 seconds

  • Stores your scan so you can see changes from scan to scan

What does it tell you:

  • Weight

  • Total skeletal muscle mass (how much of the body weight is muscle)

  • Total body fat (how much of the body weight is fat)

  • Body fat percentage

  • Base metabolic rate (how many calories your body needs at rest. Very important!)

  • Breaks down of muscle/fat in each arm, leg, and trunk

Why is a scan beneficial?

  • Your bathroom scale only gives you weight. Some may give body fat percentage. The InBody is extremely precise and gives you more detailed information.

  • Track progress over time, just like your weightlifting and CrossFit metcons.

  • Your home scale may be giving you false information. A scale I use was telling me I was 22% body fat, but I knew that was incorrect. I looked into it, and found out I had to go online and change a setting in my scale through the WiFi and make my profile “athletic” build. Then I got a completely different number.

  • The Base Metablic Rate is extremely important if you track your macros ... this is your daily caloric needs at rest. Much more accurate than online calculators.

Who should get a scan?

  • CrossFit beginners

  • Many notice no movement on the scale because they lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. The InBody will show that differentiation.

  • Setting a benchmark for when you started CrossFit. Taking a look back in 6 months or a year and seeing the progress will be inspiring!

  • Athletes making nutrition changes

  • Massing? Cutting? Maintaining on base? Tweaking your macros? Getting scans every month or two will show you exactly what impact your changes have made in your body composition.

  • Athletes making training changes

  • Starting a squat program? Powerlifting? Running more? How is the program changing your body composition? Are you going the direction you want?

  • Everyday Athletes

  • Looking to generally increase your health and wellness? Getting a scan every few months can ensure you stay on track towards your goals.

Getting a Scan

  • Must be done by a Coach

  • For most precise results, do before class, on an empty stomach, and use the bathroom.

  • Take any metal off. (Watches, earrings, etc)

  • Shoes must be off. Workout clothes are fine and will not impact reading.

  • Takes about 3 minutes total

  • Cost is $20

  • You’ll get a printout of your results

*Anybody with a pacemaker should not get a scan.

Any questions just email rob@cfsimsbury.com

The best time to get the scan done is before a weekend class, or weekdays the 9am, Noon, or 430pm. (Coaches available)

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