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A Full Day of Eating

One of the most common questions I get is "What do you eat?" This post will showcase one entire day of eating from the time I woke up to bedtime.

Before jumping into each meal, some important notes:

- I am 6'2" and 212lbs

- I follow Renaissance Periodization

- I am currently massing (trying to aid muscle building through a surplus of calories)

- Currently on "Mass 3"

- This day was considered "Light" training

Meal 1

6oz Protein / 30g Fat / 0 Carbs

5 eggs + 1 slice cheese + 2oz steak

I also take my vitamins in the morning, which is Puori fish oil, Puori Vitamin D, and I wash it down with a serving of greens. In the crush everything mug is a delicious cup of black coffee.

Meal 2

6oz Protein / 30g Fat / 35g Carbs

2 Fage Total yogurts + 1/2 cup Granola

Missing from this meal are veggies. Whoops.

Meal 3

6oz Protein / 15g Fat / 85 Carbs

5oz chicken + 1 cup brussel sprouts + 1 cup butternut squash (maybe a little more) + 1 apple + 1 perfect bar (about 12g protein, 18g fat, and 25g carbs per bar)

** Workout **

Meal 4

35g protein / 25g carbs

Meal 5

6oz protein / 15g fat / 100g carbs

6oz chicken + 1 packet of single serve guacamole + 2.5 cups of rice + 1 cup brussel sprouts

Meal 6

35g casein protein / 30g fat / 85 carbs

1.5 scoops of Ascent casein + 1 serving cashews + 1 packet of Justins Almond Butter + 1 banana + 1 cup of granola


- Yes, its a lot of food!

- But you know what I always say ... "Feed the machine"

- 90% or more compliance with RP template this day

- Granola is a mediocre carbohydrate choice, but its what I had available this day #honest

- I will get more into the massing aspect in another blog, but I average 1lb gain per week.

- All my lifts have gone up

- RP does not talk about calories, but I would estimate its around 3300+

If you are interested in learning about nutrition (does not have to be RP) contact our nutrition Coach Denise at denise@cfsimsbury.com or visit the link below


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