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What do you want for 2018?

The question seems straight forward, but your response I bet is not. Most people answer with “more money”, “more free time” and “better health” without ever quantifying it or setting realistic expectations. This blog is about actually achieving your desires in the new year, and putting tactics in place to help with that.

In CrossFit Simsbury, we have our GOALS board. We do quarterly goals. Each athlete can pick up to 3 things they want to get better at. Why 3 goals, and why quarterly? Any more than 3, or any longer than 3 months, and we risk losing perspective and drive. How then do we achieve our big goals for 2018?

First, let’s break down some common life goals.

  • Financial

  • Pay off credit cards

  • Save more money

  • Reduce superfluous spending

  • Lifestyle

  • More free time

  • More time with family

  • Better work life balance

  • More vacations

  • Health

  • Achieve desired body composition (fat/muscle)

  • Better cholesterol levels

  • Better blood pressure

  • Lower heart rate

  • Fitness

  • Go to CFS ______ times a week

  • Do nutrition challenge

  • Run a 5k in the spring

Now we need to make them SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time oriented.

  • Financial

  • Pay off $2,189 on credit cards by June 1

  • Save $1,000 by June 1

  • Only allowed Starbucks once per week

  • Lifestyle

  • Dedicate 30 minutes on Saturday to “me”

  • Make family dinner 3x week

  • Don’t check work emails on weekends

  • Book vacation, even a long weekend, by May 1

  • Health

  • 12% Body fat by December 30

  • Get off cholesterol medication by December 30

  • 120/80 BP by December 30

  • Resting heart rate of 70 by December 30

  • Fitness

  • Go to CFS 4x week

  • Email Coach about interest in next nutrition challenge TODAY

  • Research and signup for 5k by March 1, run Simsbury River Run May 5

As you can see, we made each goal more specific. Saying you want to earn more money at your job in 2018 is worthless. How much more do you want to earn? How are you going to achieve it? Are you going to put more hours in? Are you going to get promoted? Are you banking on a bonus? Most people don’t achieve their goals because they are too broad. Make it specific. Once you make it specific, it becomes tangible. I don’t just want to make more money, I want to make $10,000 more this year. Now that is something you can get behind and get excited about.

Next, once you have a specific goal, you need to break it down into mini goals. This will set benchmarks along the way, to keep you on track and motivated. For example, lets say I am 20% body fat, and my goal is 12% body fat by the end of 2018. By the end of March, I want to be 18%. By the end of June, I want to be 16%. By the end of September, I want to be 14%. By the end of December I want to be 12%. In each of those months, I will get a InBody scan and check my progress. This will hold me accountable. But that’s not enough, I need to get even more specific. What exactly is going to get my body fat to go down? Nutrition? More CrossFit classes? Get specific. “I am going to do the winter nutrition challenge and go to CFS 5x/week.” If I am on target with my quarterly InBody scans, excellent, keep doing the same thing. If I am off target, this gives me an opportunity to adjust, and keep going.

I am a huge proponent of goal setting. It is, in part, what has helped get me to where I am today. From becoming a Navy SEAL to opening my business to doing an Ironman, every complex goal can be broken down into small pieces. Running 1 mile today will help me run 26.2 miles (full marathon) in 6 months. Never underestimate the value of doing something small today to help do something great tomorrow.

Spend some time in the next week thinking of your goals. Life goals. Business goals. Family goals. Fitness goals. And any other goals you may have. This life is yours, and the world is your oyster. Go out and get what you want by goal setting today.

If you have “improve nutrition” as a goal, we are having a Nutrition Challenge starting January 15. Stay tuned for details!

If you need help thinking of goals, or clarifying some goals, talk to your favorite Coach. We are here to help you!

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