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Beginners Guide to Workout Nutrition

This blog is geared towards those just starting CrossFit, or those that are just jumping into deeper nutrition gains. One of the more common questions we get is “What should I eat before/after my workout?”

Lets break it down based on when you workout.

5am or 6am Class

Option A: Nothing before. Many prefer to workout on an empty stomach. When you finish your workout, crush a protein shake with 20g protein and have a banana*. Go home, get ready for work, and then have a big* breakfast. Think high carb and high protein, low fat.

Option B: Small meal before. Perhaps an apple and some peanut butter. Keep it light or you may not feel well during the workout. When you finish the workout, slam a protein shake with 20g protein and eat a banana. Then go home, shower, get ready for work, and have a medium size breakfast high in carbs and protein, low in fat.

9am Class:

Depending on what time you get to bed and wakeup, the same scenario as the 5am and 6am applies.


Most should be consuming 2 meals before the noon class. Your 2nd meal should be 2 hours before the workout, so around 10am. If you eat any later than that, you may risk not feeling well or feeling slow. After the workout, slam the protein shake and banana, and then have a medium sized lunch high in protein and carbs.

4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

You’ve had most of your meals by now and should be well fed. Again, try not to eat too close to your workout. Give it at least 2 hours to digest before the workout. When you come home, slam the protein shake and banana, and have a solid dinner high in protein and carbs. Eating before bed is fine if you just worked out. Your body needs the fuel to rebuild, grow, repair, and get stronger!

Closing Thoughts:

*What is a big or medium sized breakfast? That’s highly dependent on you, your age, your activity level, and your fitness goals.

* Quick digesting carbs would be a banana, fruit, Gatorade, fruit juice, or a powdered carbohydrate like Puori Carbs ($40/bag)

*If you are interested in getting specific, we offer nutrition coaching with Coach Denise.

Email denise@cfsimsbury.com for more information or visit https://www.cfsimsbury.com/nutrition

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