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Prioritize Your Health

Health is often taken for granted until you are sick or hurt, and then you’ll do anything to get healthy again. By being a member of CrossFit Simsbury, you have already taken a big step towards prioritizing your fitness. But overall health often involves factors not at the gym as well.

We all have goals, that’s a given. The specifics range widely. Some are trying to climb the corporate ladder. Or maybe it’s to finish their first marathon or PR their back squat. For others, it may be to write their first book or to travel around Europe. Whatever the goal is, one thing is for certain; you need to be WELL to achieve it. It requires you showing up as the best version of yourself, day in and day out. How do you do this? You prioritize your health, to be your best you. This doesn’t require drastic changes so that you look like a CrossFit Games athlete. Rather, there are three simple things you can do that are game-changers in the realm of wellness. Remember; prioritizing your health isn’t selfish…it’s responsible.

  1. Nutrition

  • You guessed it. What you put in your body matters most. It is the gasoline to our engine. Quality matters. Eat too much processed food and you’ll likely end up with any number of diseases or conditions or cancers. Quantity matters. Eat too much and you’ll gain weight, and with a higher body fat percentage comes a myriad of health problems. Eat too little and you will whittle away; your body will literally eat the muscle you worked so hard to build.

  • Simple steps to improve – stay away from processed food. If it has an expiration date or an ingredient list, its processed. Weigh and measure your food or have a way to control portion size.

  • If you would like more help with nutrition, take part in one of our next nutrition challenges or contact Denise for one-on-one help.

  1. Sleep

  • Sleep is when your body literally repairs itself. There is no act more restorative than sleeping. Your body uses this time to get rid of cortisol (stress hormone) and releases growth hormone (good!). The goal needs to be 7 hours or more.

  • Simple steps to improve – most of us watch TV before bed. Do you watch multiple shows? Do you watch an hour long show? Shaving off even 30 minutes can be extremely beneficial. Even better, is reading a book before bed. The blue light emitted from the TV disrupts our brain and suppresses the release of melatonin (sleep hormone). Turn the phones, tablets, and TVs off after dinner to get your best sleep.

  1. Mental Health

  • Often overlooked or stereotyped, achieving mental health is paramount. What do we mean? Finding an activity that clears your mind. Meditation apps, yoga, going for a hike with no music or headphones, something that just allows your mind to unwind and relax. Our brains are stimulated more than ever, with constant to-do lists and Facebook and e-mail always begging for our attention, our minds rarely get to rest besides sleep.

  • Simple steps to improve – Pick one day and go for a hike. No headphones. Just nature. Or download the Headspace app and meditate for 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, even 5 minutes can provide improved clarity.

When you start implementing these steps, they synergistically snowball and provide health benefits like you’ve maybe never felt before. Your body is meant to feel GOOD. Treat your body right, reap the benefits and crush your goals!

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