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3 Reasons for Heart Rate Training

CrossFit Simsbury recently got Wodify Pulse, a live heart rate monitoring system powered by MyZone. Some may be wondering – what’s it good for? In short, it’s a tool. Properly utilized, it will help increase your fitness. Here are my top 3 reasons for using it:

  1. It gives you data

  • Just like how you know your max back squat is 220lbs, and that you consume 2150 calories by tracking your macronutrients in MyFitnessPal, knowing your heart rate numbers provides trackable metrics.

  • For example, the more fit you are, the lower your resting heart rate is. Put the belt on, remain sitting and calm, and see what your heart rate is. The normal rate is between 60 and 100, while very fit individuals could see as low as 50 or even 40. There are tons of different heart rate zones to track. More on this in another blog.

  • Data is only as good as how you use it. Like FitBits and watches that track your steps, knowing you walk 8000 steps is great. But using that knowledge to walk an extra 2000 steps to get to your goal of 10,000 steps … that’s where the gains are. You must use the data!

  1. It pushes you harder – Or pulls you back

  • This is where the LIVE heart rate monitoring comes into play. In the back room, we have a new TV setup for Fit45 that will display your current effort during the wod. Most of the Fit45 classes are designed around short-high-intensity efforts. During class if you glance at the screen and see you are at 82% effort, but you should be at 90% or more, this will give you that extra push to go a little faster. On the flip side, maybe it’s a longer wod, and you need to sustain your effort for longer. If the screen is showing 95% that is not sustainable! You need to drop down into the 80s in order to maintain the workout and not hit a wall. Again, use the data! Unsure about what percentages you should be at? The Coaches will help you out!

  • Coach Jay just said this about using the MyZone belt: "I just did an assault bike + burpee WOD and pushed SO MUCH HARDER than I normally would have because I had my phone displaying my output. Competing with myself. Pretty sure what I thought was 80%+ output on the bike was really like low 70s high 60s. Imagine getting 10% more out of every workout over a year. GAINS!"

  1. It levels the playing field. Effort matters most.

  • One thing that is easy to get caught up in is “Rx” or “Scaled”. More often than not, that comes down to how long you’ve been doing fitness. It can be easy to think that “Rx” is harder and “scaled” is easier. This is not true however. It is all relevant to the athlete. Where the heart rate monitor comes in, is it shows EFFORT. How hard are you working? It does not matter if you are doing pullups or ring rows, what matters is the effort. This is a level playing field, and this is where the “My Zone Effort Points (MEPs)” come in. The more points you get, the harder you worked in the workout!

Pictured below is the workout summary you get on the app and via email.

If you are interested in picking up a belt, ask a Coach before your next class! You pay for the belt ($99) and it is yours to keep. There is no monthly fee. The belt and app can also be used anywhere, not just at CFS!

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