• Rob Olson

Navigating Summer + CrossFit

Summers are notoriously tough for many members. Between the kids being out of school, vacations, weekend BBQs, and just being “out of rhythm”, the summer presents a few challenges for staying healthy and fit. Here a few tips to help navigate the most common issues.

  1. Vacations

  • Personally speaking, I take vacations as my time to deload. A deload is a prescribed time to allow the body to rest more than usual [read a blog about deloads here]. Ideally we do this multiple times a year, but vacations present an ideal time to knock it out. Remember though, deloading does not mean “stop working out”, it just means do less and focus on recovery. So what should you do on vacation? Find a fitness based activity, like a hiking, snorkeling, walking on the beach, etc or if inclined, drop-in at a local CrossFit box! Most charge $20 or ask you to buy a t-shirt, and it’s a cool way to experience the larger CrossFit community, see how other boxes do it, and get a nice sweat. No boxes near you? A quick google search for “travel wods” will show dozens of ideas, which can be as simple as “Run for 10 minutes, and every minute, stop and do 15 air squats”. Another great idea would be to find a yoga or stretching class, perhaps even a massage! Your body needs recovery, treat yourself!

  1. Kids out of school

  • As I see it, there are three options

  • Bring them to the gym (ensure they follow the CFS Kids Rules)

  • Work out before they get up

  • Include them in your workout

  • Remember, if you prioritize health and fitness, your kids will see that. It may not be easy to finagle sometimes, but having them be witness to your fitness can be life-changing for them. Be a leader and inspire the next generation of CrossFitters!

  1. BBQs

  • Ah, the summer BBQ. Great for hanging out with family and friends, great for enjoying the summer weather … usually not great for maintaining healthy eating habits. Here’s a few tips for managing that:

  • Limit alcohol. If you do drink, try to opt for lower calorie drinks. Craft beers and fancy cocktails can be loaded with sugar and calories. Just two or three of the wrong drinks can offset an entire week of healthy eating.

  • Fill your plate with veggies first. Aim to fill 50% of your plate.

  • Look for lean meats (chicken) for 25% of your plate.

  • Finish the plate with the healthiest option of carbohydrates for the final 25%.

  • Try to drink as much water as possible during the BBQ and before bed.

  1. Getting back into CrossFit after vacation or a break

  • That first day back after a nice relaxing vacation can come with mixed emotions. Some are eager to get back and crush everything, and some are a little nervous about the impending doom from no fitness over the last few weeks. In both cases, we recommend to scale down, both the weight and the intensity. The goal is to get into the box, wake up the body, move around, sweat, and enjoy it. Nobody wants to get so sore from day 1 that they cannot do day 2. Treat your body right and ease back into it. You know what they say … “Leave your ego at the door”.

Regardless of the challenges you face, remember to live in the present and make the most of it! Health, wellness, and fitness are lifelong pursuits ... stay on the path and reap the benefits over the long term.

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