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3 Reasons to do a CrossFit Competition

Hog Wild 2018, Presented by CrossFit Simsbury and Fleet Feet, is set to be an epic competition. Many CFS members took part in CrushFest 2018, our in-house summer competition. Hog Wild will be of similar format but is open to the public. For those of you that took part in, or watched, CrushFest, you have a great idea of what it means to do a competition. This blog is for those that are on the fence about doing a competition, or for those who have never seen a CrossFit competition before!

Here are my top 3 reasons why EVERYONE should try a CrossFit competition at least once:

  1. Fun

  • It really is unlike anything else. Think of regular CrossFit class, but the ante is upped. You and your partner are working together to crush it. You have a judge counting your reps and ensuring full range of motion. You’ll push harder than you do in class, guaranteed. This is while others are cheering you on the whole time! Imagine if you played a sport, say soccer, but you only practiced all the time. Practice is fun, but the real energy comes out at the game! Hog Wild is the game!

  1. Meet new people

  • If you attend the 6am class, chances are you know the 5am class and the 6am class. But there’s a ton of awesome people that go to 9am, Noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. Competitions bring everybody together for the day. Whether your partner is from another class time or you just socialize between workouts, you will certainly meet new people!

  1. Push just a little harder, maybe set some PRs!

  • Between having a partner you want to make proud, competing against others whether at Rx or Scaled, and having others cheer you on, the vibe and energy of a competition will have you doing 10% more than you thought you could. Many people see PRs during a competition. Many go faster than they thought they could. For many, competitions are an eye opening experience to what they are truly capable of!

Often the biggest holdup for people signing up is the cost. $150 per team ($135 if you sign up in August) so $75 per person. If competing hasn’t sold you yet, check out the treats. Everybody gets a Reebok ½ Zip ($60 retail), Hooker Beer ($10 retail?) and Pig Roast food ($20 retail). Then there are prizes up for grabs at Rx and Scaled, not to mention a day full of fun and action!

Remember this is a partner competition. There is Rx and Scaled, with a Mens Division, Womens Division, and a CoEd division! If you need a partner, there will be a Facebook Events page where we will match people up! This competition is unique in that one person must have CrossFit experience, but the other athlete may be an endurance athlete with little or no CrossFit experience. [Of course, both athletes may be CrossFitters]. The Wods are posted on the site, check them out, its going to be legit!

Signup Link

Facebook Event Page

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