• Denise Olson

Hungry for Help

Nutrition is the foundation of fitness. You’ve all heard us talk about this; probably more over the last several months than ever before; why? Because we are seeing people achieve their goals faster than they ever anticipated with the right nutrition, and we’ve experienced it ourselves.

We have exciting news when it comes to nutrition at CFS. In an effort to improve nutrition coaching services, bring you all more content, and gain more tools to help create sustainable results, CrossFit Simsbury is now working with Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN). A dietician run program, HSN offers us a wealth of information and guidance in implementing a nutrition program that will help our athletes make lasting changes to their health. With this new mentorship, there will be changes within our current nutrition program at CFS. You will be seeing, hearing and learning a LOT more about nutrition, the format of nutrition challenges will be changing, and we’ll be offering more to members who are serious about making changes and crushing their goals.

If you’re wondering why I’m all about improving the nutrition of our members across the board; it goes beyond seeing awesome InBody results and having good progress pictures. It’s about health; yours, mine, that of our community as a whole. As many of you know, I’m a nurse. I’ve spent nine years taking care of sick patients, ranging from infancy to people who are quite literally, on their death bed as they approach the triple digits. While I’m grateful for the experiences nursing has given me, and continue to learn a lot from my patients, there is one major issue I have with health care: it’s reactive. We are acting in response to a sickness, or trauma, or aging. What is just so amazing about nutrition, is that it is one of the few things we are in complete control of, that is directly related to our overall wellness. It’s PROactive. It’s simple: the better you eat, the healthier you are. Having the opportunity to talk to our members about nutrition, teach them how to make small changes that will pay off in dividends, and offer support and accountability while they’re creating new habits is something that excites me! I know I speak for not only myself-but each of the coaches at CFS-when I say we are amped about PRs, but what we are most passionate about, is helping each of you to live life to the fullest outside of the box and improving quality of living not just now-but 20 and 30 years from now. I’m really looking forward to the improvements that are coming down the pipeline for our nutrition program and I can’t wait for our community to reap the benefits of them.

- Coach Denise

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