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Cell Phone Gains (?)

The video below was shared with me the other day after having a conversation about the addictive nature of cell phones, and I thought it was worth sharing with you all. It is not a typical CrossFit blog, but you’ll see the connection below. So, go ahead and watch the video, it is 12 minutes long, and its not all about millennials in the workforce.

As I mentioned above, the context of why the video was shared with me and why I shared it with you all was the portion about cell phones. We all use them. Our kids and teenagers use them. I think we can all agree about the addictive nature of them. We hear a ding and we instantly pick it up to see what notification we have. We get bored for 3 seconds and reach for the phone to be entertained. But we also use them for work, for GPS, and for connecting with friends we may not have seen in a long time. There are certainly pros with all the cons. But the cons seem to be growing and growing and more evidence is coming out about how devastating it is to our kids.

Ok, so where does CrossFit come in?

Here is a list of what cell phones are doing to people/kids:

Reducing, or even, not having deep meaningful relationships

Inability to cope with stress

Addicted to dopamine (happiness hormone)

Addicted to instant gratification

Lack of patience

Feeling like everybody else has it better/easier

What does CrossFit provide?

Deep meaningful relationships

A way to cope with stress

A different, healthy addiction to dopamine

Appreciation for delayed gratification

An understanding of patience

Seeing that everybody has to work hard, no matter what

Think about it. How many places do you go, including work or home, where you literally do not touch your phone for 60 minutes? My guess is one – CrossFit Simsbury. This allows us the opportunity to talk to others and form deep meaningful relationships. It allows us the opportunity to break our addiction to the phone and form other outlets for stress management. CrossFit, and the process of getting healthy and strong, take time! There is no instant gratification with CrossFit and certainly no easy way. Growing muscle and losing fat through proper nutrition is the definition of delayed gratification. You must learn to love the process, to putting the effort in and getting better each day and realizing that small progress each day is still progress. Delayed gratification is always sweeter in the end.

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success” – Brian Tracey

I will leave you with this – I challenge you to reduce cell phone usage at home. A popular idea is to have a basket at home, near where you put your car keys, and upon entering the house, put your phone in there. Pledge to yourself and your significant other and perhaps kids if they have phones that they will not be touched until _______ time. Afford yourself and your family the ability to form deep meaningful relationships daily. The notifications and the likes will be there when you return to the phone. Like the video said, cell phones and social media are not inherently bad if there is balance.

* Even cell phone creators realize the damage phones are doing and are helping create ways to reduce dependency with software updates


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