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4 Members Discuss Why They Did The 24 Hour WOD

October 13 marked the 3rd Annual 24 Hour WOD at CrossFit Simsbury. We had 10 athletes take part, and we had a 100% completion rate! Here are 4 viewpoints on why some members chose to do it:


Why do I participate in the 24 Hour WOD? Simply put - I think it's a fun experience overall! Sure the last few hours are brutal and I am essentially running out of the gym when it's over...but it is still a great experience. It is amazing to see the things that your body and mind can do once you really push the limits. We sometimes get to test those limits in our daily WODs but this is to a whole new level. The event also amplifies that great sense of community that Crossfit is all about. We had members dropping in at all hours of the event, either to work out or bring us treats. And you really get to know people when you hang out with them for a full day in such close quarters. At the end, you get to say that you worked out for 24 hours! Yeah it's a little crazy but what a cool accomplishment to have!


This was my 3rd and best 24 hr wod!!! When I tell people about my decision to do 1, let alone 3, the most common response from both Crossfitters and non-Crossfitters alike is "you're insane". I will agree that 24 workouts in 24 hours sounds like a daunting, if not impossible task. But, one of the most important lessons I've learned in my journey at CFS is to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable". The 24 hr wod is a phenomenal way to test your mental and physical strength. It is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you are capable of way more than you give yourself credit for. The event is also a great way to spend time with people who are just as passionate (or crazy?!?) as you. This year's group was small, but there was no shortage of camaraderie, team work, and laughs. As tired as I was when I left the box Sunday morning, I felt a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. Looking forward to #4!!


By far the number one question that I and the other participants get is ‘why’? For me the answer is simple, it is all about creating challenges and putting yourself into ‘uncomfortable’ situations in life. The concept of CrossFit is GPP – ‘general physical preparedness’. You could also say GPP stands for ‘general physiological preparedness’ as events like the 24hr WOD test physical and mental conditioning. Every WOD, every distance run, every work deadline can help us improve our GPP and be ready for anything that is thrown at us in sport and life in general.

The WODs this year were the most challenging yet… the new format with the first 3 WODs combined with the regular Saturday classes (including the Soul Crusher at 10am) was full-on spicy! And the intensity kept going for the next 21 hours.

The second most common question is ‘would you do it again?’ – and my answer without any hesitation is “YES”!! The training aspect of the event is rewarding, but what we all remember are the good times and laughter throughout the event. I can honestly say there were zero ‘grumpy’ times that I can remember…and my abs were sore from laughs not the situps!!

I am truly grateful the CrossFit Simsbury community is the type of place that the 24hr WOD is even possible…. That is what is really special, the willingness of brave souls who have participated for multiple years, and the support of the members who came to cheer or did drop-ins. And thanks to Rob for opening his business for 24hr straight for us to do this!!!

See you October 12th, 2019 - Mark your calendars now!!


The path to success will leave you callused, bruised, and very tired. It will also leave you empowered. – David Goggins

Life is an interesting balancing act. You must be callused, so to speak, both physically and mentally in order to persevere through challenging times (in life). To relate it to CrossFit, most of us tore our hands in the first month of CrossFit because our hands were not used to that level of work. But now that we do the work regularly, our hands do not tare – if we take care of them. We must build up a tolerance, and we must sustain that tolerance, or our hands will fall back to the original level of weakness and be prone to injury. Every so often, it’s beneficial to see what our hands are made of, to test them so to speak. Often, we are surprised at what we can handle. More, much more. This, is the 24 hour WOD.

I’ll just say it – nobody enjoys being awake for 24 hours. So why did 10 of us do the 24 hour wod? To sharpen our mind. Our minds are by in large the limiting factor in our lives. Our bodies can withstand so much more than we think they can. Our work ethic, our perseverance, our tenacity, its all a factor of our mind and our thoughts. When I went through Navy SEAL training, we had Hell Week. This starts on Sunday night around dinner and ends Friday afternoon. During this time, you only sleep two or three hours. In fact, the first hour of sleep you get is on Wednesday! The rest of the time you are not only awake, but running, swimming, paddling boats, and more. I entered Hell Week with around 150 guys. Guys who, to me, were in better shape. But when we had been awake for 70 hours and were laying down in the 56 degree Pacific Ocean at 3am in our underwear, your physical abilities meant nothing. Everybody was cold, everybody was wet, and everybody was tired. What got the 33 of us through was our minds. I can recall with picture perfect clarity that exact moment in Hell Week, laying in the ocean with waves crashing over our faces, arms bound to my teammates, shivering and probably hypothermic, looking up at the stars and thinking how lucky I was to be able to see the stars at this moment. There was such tranquility and beauty in the stars; a stark contradiction to the offensive Pacific Ocean and SEAL instructors with a bullhorn, teasing us with warm coffee and a bed if we uttered two little words – “I quit”. There is good in every situation. It is up to our mind to find it and hold on to it. Hold on to it until the challenge passes, because it always does. Whether it is Navy SEAL training, a 24hour WOD, a difficult financial situation, or an ill family member, it will get better. Staying positive will make all the difference.

Bring it back to the 24 hour WOD – even though I had gone through Hell Week, staying up for 24 hours and working out every hour is still a challenge. There is nothing easy about it. But I do the challenge to keep my mind sharp and enjoy the company of others going through the same thing. Just like how I signed up for a marathon, then did a half Ironman, then an Ironman, and then a 50k (32 mile) run. These events keep my mind sharp. They challenge me. And guess what – I have not found my limit. Even with everything that I have been through, my body is capable of more. Its empowering. Its addicting. Its what drives me in all aspects of my life. If last year was a good year for CrossFit Simsbury, I know this year can be even better if I keep my mind sharp and work hard. If last year was a good year for my family, I know that with a sharp mind and hard work, it can be even better. Apply these principles in any area you like, and you will see improvements.

CrossFit challenges us day in and day out, but in my opinion, I use CrossFit to prepare me for my next adventure and keep my mind sharp. Mediocrity is all too easy to fall into. It’s a devil teasing us at every corner and it’s only one step away at any moment; sleep in today, you need the rest. Its raining, I’ll just run tomorrow. Its cold out there, don’t go, stay in the warmth. Kick your feet up, you deserve it. Excuses are a dime a dozen. Mediocrity is everywhere. Commitment to excellence is rare. By being members of CrossFit Simsbury, you have already taken a step most will not. I urge each of you reading this to take it one step farther - pick a challenge outside of your comfort zone, sign up for it, make the commitment, tell your friends and family, train for it, and then crush it. The process of committing to going outside of your comfort zone and working hard will translate to gains in all aspects of your life. Guaranteed. Go forth and Crush Everything!

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