• Rob Olson

Stress Relief 101

The holidays are coming up. For many it is a time of great joy, and for many, it comes with equal amounts of stress. Here are a few quick tips to bring back the calm when things are getting crazy:

1 – Go for a walk. Outside. With no cell phone. Go solo or go with a friend. Listen to nature or engage in conversation. By removing yourself from the situation and your electronic devices and going into nature, it automatically brings about a calm.

2 – If able, workout! CrossFit class, a jog outside, or even 3 minutes of burpees in the basement, getting the blood flowing is magical for clearing your mind. You laugh about the 3 minutes of burpees, but I guarantee more than a few of you will end up doing it! Just make the best of the circumstance and crush it! If you need workout ideas, google “CrossFit travel wods”!

3 – Meditation apps (or ROMWOD). Headspace is a popular one, but I am sure there are many more. It features in-depth guided meditation that can go for 20 minutes, or just quick 60 second breathing sessions to restore the calm. Escape to the bathroom or an empty room and restore your breathing by following along. The paid version even has meditation flows for kids!

4 – Hold true to you. What do I mean by this? If health and wellness are important to you and going over ______’s house is stressing you out because they will encourage you to ditch your healthy plans and binge … stick to your guns. Most people that give healthy eaters a hard time are either uneducated on proper nutrition and simply don’t know, or they want others to be unhealthy with them so they don’t feel so gluttonous. If anybody ever questions your desire to lose weight or be healthy, are they truly a friend? Friends support others in their goals. Stay true to you and you will feel less stressed.

5 – Hit pause, and give thanks. Perspective is key for reducing stress. Thanksgiving Day travel stressing you out? Hit pause, and be thankful you have a vehicle to travel in, people to travel with, and people to visit. Be thankful you have safe roads to travel on, be thankful there are police working on the holiday in case you get a flat tire, and be thankful we live in America. It’s easy to get caught up in the little things; but If we hit pause and just look up for a moment, life is good.

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