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Gift Ideas for CrossFitters

The holidays are officially upon us! For those of you hunting for gifts for somebody special here are a few ideas for your fellow CrossFitters:

1. Shoes

- I always say, its worth spending money on good shoes and a good bed. You spend so much time walking (or working out) and so much time sleeping, its well worth it to get quality items.

- My CrossFit shoe pick is the Nano 8s. They feel great, have solid stability for lifting, you can run short distances in them and they look sharp. *Avoid any sales for the Nano 7s, they were not a good year! Way too stiff.*

2. Grips

- Every CrossFitter knows hand rips can happen. Protect those bad boys with my go-to grips.

- Rich Froning Bear Complex Grips

3. CrossFit Subscription Boxes

- Not sure exactly what to get or what they might want? Get them a monthly subscription that will deliver

CrossFit related products right to their door!

- I personally have not tested these, but know many that have and they are quite popular!

- Gainz Box, WOD Box, and Barbella Box are three popular ones

4. FOOD!

- Every CrossFitter loves food. What better way to show you care about someone than to give food or gift cards for food?

- Quality steaks, gift cards to local food stores or butchers, or gift cards to Kettlebell Kitchen or other food prep service.

- To me, there's not much more exciting than getting some treat steaks or a nice ham!

5. Clothes

- Stop no further than roguefitness.com

- Best stuff, most options, great service, winning all around

6. Prefer to Shop Local? CrossFit Simsbury specific ideas:

- Personal Training Session (30 or 60min)

- Next months dues

- Case of FitAid

- Bag of Peanut Butter Smash Progenex protein

Any questions at all, such as jump ropes, workout gear, or other items shoot me an email, I'm happy to help!

Rob Olson

Owner / Head Coach


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