• Jay Miller

The Infinite Game of CrossFit

When you look at CrossFit from the lens of the infinite game, decisions you make day to day become much easier. In a finite game the athlete will look at a score or the ability to hit the Rx button, but does that mean he or she is getting the most of out the hard work they are putting in?

In an infinite game the athlete is looking to stay physically able and outlive everyone else at the same time.

So how does this translate to day to day decisions at the gym?

Lets be realistic, the majority of the crossfit community worldwide is not in the business of competition. What I mean by that is, your ability to squat more or move faster through a workout does not help you put more food on the table. Remember we are playing the infinite game, so that means you need to ask yourself "how do I get the most out of this workout"? If it was a workout that involved back squats for weight, maybe your focus has been to lift just a LITTLE bit more than your friend who you are always chasing. However, in that scenario you know that your form and lower back are at risk at the same time.

If we are in the infinite game the decision is simple, lift the most you can, safely, with good form and range of motion. We have made this decision because if we try to lift to much and hurt ourselves the likelihood that we will outlast out peers decreases.

The next question to go along with this is, "What are you training for"?

- To win the crossfit games?

- To break the world record in bench press?

- To have the same grace time as your favorite athlete?

Or are you training to be fit, healthy, and be physically able to support loved ones as the years pass? Minimize risk, stay healthy, and when choosing how to attack a workout remember that you are in this for the long haul.

- Coach Jay

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