• Denise Olson

Is Snacking Bad?

When it comes to nutrition, the myths are countless; eggs are bad for you because they’re high in cholesterol, eating carbs makes you gain weight, peanuts should be avoided, Gluten-free is healthier, snacking is bad. While all of these are false, today we’re going to address the last one; is snacking bad?

The answer, as you might have guessed by now, is NO-not when done properly! You may have heard me make the correlation between your metabolism and a fire. You want to be adding some fuel to that fire all day long to maintain a nice steady flame. Tossing in a bunch of wood in the morning and waiting for it to die out before replenishing would result in a few things: 1.) a weak flame that takes a long time to improve and 2.) a cold house. The same is true of your body. When you go for long periods of time without eating, your metabolism is not going to run efficiently. Your fire is not burning, you’re not creating an environment that is conducive to fat burning. How do you turn this around? Consistent eating throughout the day! Ideally; 3 meals, 2 snacks and your post workout nutrition. What makes a good snack? A combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your snacks should resemble your meal - just on a smaller scale! Some great ideas include the following:

-low sugar Greek yogurt with walnuts -a protein pancake with almond butter (you can find the recipe on our social media pages!) -a hard boiled egg and an apple -turkey, hummus and strawberries -Fuel for Fire with a few cashews

When meal prepping, plan for your snacks as well! And always keep a back-up on hand for those times your day doesn’t go according to plan. Remember: food is fuel! You’ve got to feed the machine!

Happy snacking!

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