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The CrossFit Open is COMING!

The CrossFit Open!

It's that time of year again when we get ready for the CrossFit Open! Some of you may be wondering what it is and what happens and why do it all. This blog post aims to answer all of those questions!

First, what is The CrossFit Open?

In short, it is the beginning of the CrossFit Games. It’s a worldwide competition, with over 300,000 athletes participating. Each week, starting Feb 22rd and going for 5 weeks, a workout is released on Thursday night at 8pm. Friday night we come to CFS to do the workout together. The top 1% of athletes move on to the CrossFit Games. It costs $20 to officially participate in the Open, and you must register at CrossFit.com

Who is the Open for?

Everyone! They have Rx, Scaled, Teens, and Masters divisions. While Rx athletes crave the competition of the Open, Scaled athletes is perhaps the most exciting group to participate. More often than not, athletes get their first double under, their first pull-up, and hit tons of other PRs. The group atmosphere and support leads to incredible gains. It is especially impressive to have new athletes compete in the Open year after year and to see the incredible improvement in fitness! If you are on the fence about signing up: just do it!

What happens on Friday nights?

Friday night everyone that is participating in the Open at CFS will complete the workout. We will run heats, as equipment is limited, and each athlete must be judged. Yes, you read that correctly; each athlete will have a certified judge scoring their reps. They are there to ensure full range of motion and to count reps. This helps ensure standards and is a positive thing… You don’t need to count your reps! It also means that no shenanigans will occur, as you all know how I feel about that! Who are the judges you may be wondering? Your fellow CFS members and Coaches who get certified in a CrossFit Judges course online.

Whats the environment like Friday nights?

Its pretty incredible. Last year we had around 60 people participate, and friends and family came to CFS to support the athletes, so it was a huge turnout! Some people choose to bring a little food and drinks for after they complete the workout as they cheer on other athletes still working. New this year, we are running the "Intramural Open" to bring more fun to the event! We will have 4 Teams, and each team will be trying to earn as many points as possible. For each athlete that completes the workout is a point, regardless of scaling or score, and more points are available through spirit and fun! More details will be released as we get closer, so stay tuned to the CFS Members Facebook page!

To officially signup, visit


You can also participate for free at CFS, just make sure Coach Nick knows you are in so we can get you on a team! We will have a signup board in the box as well!

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