• Jay Miller

3 Stretches If You Work At a Desk!

According to an article published in the Bureau of Labor Statistics on March 1 2017 the average person in the US spends 39% of the work day sitting. On the extreme end, jobs such as waiters and waitresses spend only 3.7% however a software developer job averages 90%.

The issue becomes when people who are sedentary for lengths of time become increasingly immobile as the years pass.

Here are 3 simple stretches you can do to help keep your body mobile if you have a sedentary desk job.


1) The forearm stretch - For anyone with a desk job, stand up and place your palms down on the desk with your fingers facing you. You'd be surprised at how tight those muscles can get without knowing it.

2) The shoulder stretch - To help develop and maintain good posture! Either seated or standing place your elbows on the edge of the desk. Let your hips track behind you and relax your chest toward the floor.

3) The figure 4 stretch - For tight hips and hamstrings. Place your ankle on your opposite knee. Take your hand and place it on the knee of the leg that is off the ground. Apply downward pressure and relax your chest forward for a bigger stretch.

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