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Dumbbells & Diapers Starts Back Up Tomorrow!

The next session of Dumbbells & Diapers starts back up tomorrow morning and I’m so excited. We’ve got eleven women who are making their health and wellness a priority and I love that! I started this program back in the summer with the intention of having a space for women to work out, where they could bring their babies along, and I’m happy to say that these classes offer more than that. After having my son I learned really quickly that resources for postpartum fitness are limited, at best. There’s a lot of “listen to your body” out there, but after pregnancy, labor and delivery, my body was not speaking a language I could easily understand. I really had no idea how to safely reintegrate movements I’d done with ease previously, and I was often met with the question, “Just because I can do this, should I?” So, I put the leg work in and did tons of research, sought professional advice, and learned what I needed to do to best support my body during this phase. Now-I get to share that with other women.

While classes are very much CrossFit, programming is done with the postpartum woman in mind. As opposed to the scaling options you’d find in a typical CrossFit class, there are several different options so that regardless of where you are in your postpartum journey, we can put together a workout that is going to be appropriate for you. Additionally, there’s dedicated time to core and pelvic floor work. Why is this important? To put it bluntly; so that you aren’t peeing when you sneeze, or jump, or cough, for the rest of your life. This program is about more than weight loss after baby. It’s about learning how to work with your postpartum body so that you can feel strong, confident and have FUN working out.

Packing your infant up and carting pack and plays, strollers, play mats, bottles, snacks and toys into the gym can seem daunting. But - I guarantee you - it’s worth it. You’re investing in yourself, and setting an awesome example for your kids. Any questions - send me an e-mail: denise@cfsimsbury.com

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