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The Whoop Diaries Part 2!

Three months ago I wrote The Whoop Diaries Part 1. If you have not read that, I suggest checking that out first as it gives more background.

Click HERE to read Part 1

Part 2 is all about what I've learned from wearing the Whoop for 3+ months now.

Cliff Notes:

- This thing is beefy. I'm still learning from it! Overall though, I still find the data beneficial and believe it helps me in my athletic pursuits.

1. My recovery game is still weak

Green = Well recovered

Yellow = Somewhat recovered

Red = Not recovered

Of the red, one chunk is a vacation, then there is Christmas, and not sure about those reds in January. Most of these correspond to consuming alcohol. Yes, the device knows when I drink, and science says the body is not recovered.

Overall, there is way too much yellow on my graph. I need to tweak my daily habits to recover better and get more greens. The question is, will I go to bed earlier, stretch more, read more, and in general - relax - in order to get the green? This is where the real gains come from!

2. I would theoretically benefit from listening to this thing more!

Here is what this Whoop Tip is saying:

- When it displayed RED, I still worked too hard. I need to legit rest more when my body needs to recover.

- When it displayed GREEN, I need to capitalize on my body being ready to go and try to add an additional workout in.

The idea here is great, but life makes this one hard. If I have a busy day coaching, even if I take a "rest day" and do not workout, just being up, active, and coaching all day can add significant strain, and therefore make it NOT a true rest day. Likewise, when I'm green, I usually don't have time in my day to add a second workout in.

3. Sleep - The Final Frontier

This graph is of my sleep cycles.

Higher bars = Light Sleep

Middle bars = REM Sleep

Low bars = Deep SWS Sleep

This next picture is zoomed in and chopped from the same graph above.

This is my SWS Deep Sleep. This is when the body repairs itself. The most critical stage of sleep. My self-grade for this time spent in SWS Deep Sleep = D. Some nights its literally 5 minutes. Of 7 hours in bed, my body spent 5 minutes in repair stage (not good). On a good night, I'll get 90 minutes of SWS.

The pattern is cyclical. It repeats every week.

Monday = Really busy day = Terrible SWS

Tuesday = Busy day = Bad SWS

Wednesday = Not as busy = Great SWS

What does this tell me?

I need to try and improve my pre-bedtime routines on Mon/Tue, a better way to reduce stress before going to sleep.

Why is Friday so low?

Unknown. My best guess? Having two beers.

That will do it for The Whoop Diaries Part 2.

As I mentioned, I'm still learning from this thing. It is truly a "recovery" device, and you get gains by improving your daily habits which result in better recover and therefore getting you better workouts! I'll be very curious to put this thing through my training for the 50 mile trail race in June. Can I adapt to the high mileage and recover from day to day? Stay tuned!

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