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3 Ways to Save Time On Meal Planning & Prep

We know meal prep is essential to good nutrition and seeing success in goals of weight loss or performance. When I begin working with clients, I often hear, “I start off doing really well, and then I have a busy weekend, miss my meal prep and fall off my plan.” I’m sure this resonates with many of you. Weekends are BUSY. In the space between Friday evening and Sunday night, you’re catching up on things you could not accomplish during the week, seeing friends and family, taking your kids to their sporting events and birthday parties, maybe working on a home project, and meal prep sometimes falls to the wayside. The honest truth is, you’ve got to make time for it now, or you’re going to have to make time for the consequences of poor nutrition later. BUT I’m going to share a few ways to save time, so it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task.

1. Grocery shopping. Meal prep can’t happen without the raw materials, so a grocery shop is in order. I’ve always been someone who likes going to the grocery store, seeing all of my options and carefully selecting what I’m going to get…until I learned about Prime Now. I can’t say enough about this amazing service. Think “Pea Pod” but much, much better. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can use the Prime Now app to select your groceries from Whole Foods and they’ll be delivered to your door THAT DAY free of charge. You’ll pay a tip but I’ve found that even with this, I actually spend less as the price of organic fruits, veggies and chicken is much better at Whole Foods than at any of our local stores. This saves roughly 90 minutes (between getting to/from the store and doing a big shop), it’s done from your phone, it saves past orders so you can easily re-order and they leave the groceries at your door during the window of time you select-you don’t have to be home!

2. Invest in things that make cooking/clean-up easier. A few of my favorites include: a. Silicone muffin tins-make for much easier clean-up and can go in the dishwasher (great for egg muffins, blueberry protein muffins, meatloaf muffins) b. Tin foil-You’ll never need to wash a baking sheet c. A big cutting board and a great knife to so you can cut veggies efficiently

d. A crock-pot or Insta-pot (check our website-tons of great recipes!) https://www.cfsimsbury.com/recipes e. Pyrex glass containers-these are great for storing/freezing food and you can pop them in the microwave, so it saves you dirtying more dishes

3. Make double and triple batches. If you are already going the trouble of chopping your veggies or making the seasoning-double or triple the recipe and freeze the extra! You can pull it out mid-week when you start to run low, or leave it in there for a weekend you are away and can’t meal prep. It will add very little time onto your prep but save you tons.

There is no right or wrong way to meal prep-it’s all about what makes your life easier during the week. It’s true that time is the most precious resource we have; however “not having enough” is an excuse that gets in the way of good nutrition—give one or all of these tips a try to maximize both your efficiency in the kitchen and prep for success.

Denise Olson

CrossFit Simsbury | CFS Kids & Teens Coach | CFS Nutrition Coach

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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