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Pre and Post WOD Nutrition: Why You Need It

You’re putting the work in each day at the box. Perhaps you’re meal prepping and eating well. You’re drinking lots of water and sleeping well. But you feel like your performance at the gym is stagnant or perhaps you don’t love what you’re seeing on your InBody Scan. While the things I mentioned above are all integral, pre and post workout nutrition are extremely important and could be what your routine is missing. Let’s talk about the main reasons why you want to be maximizing what you take in right before and after your WOD.

Pre-Workout Nutrition:

1. Maximize performance. 2. Increased energy and strength. 3. Minimize muscle damage.

It’s essential to take carbohydrates and protein in before your workout, ideally about 30-60 minutes before. If you like to workout first thing in the morning, use a liquid option (as liquids are digested more easily than solids.) Applesauce and some protein, a fuel for fire, or some of a smoothie are all great options. Avoid consuming fat before your workout as it is very slow digesting and will make you feel full.

Post-Workout Nutrition:

1. Preserve lean body mass. 2. Optimal recovery. 3. Replace glycogen stores.

Carbohydrates (to replace the glycogen stores) and protein (to replenish amino acids for rebuilding muscles which were broken down during your workout) are the ideal combo post-WOD. Avoid anything that is high in fat in this window of time. A whey protein shake with a piece of fruit or applesauce is a quick and easy option.

If you are in a pinch and heading to the fridge at CFS to fuel up before or after your workout, here is a guideline of what to use when:

-SFH Push ➡ pre workout -Fuel for Fire ➡ pre or post workout -Whey protein ➡ post workout -FitAid, FitAid Rx ➡ post workout -Perfect Bars ➡ Do not eat these around your workouts as they are very high fat and slow digestion (the opposite of what you are looking for before and after fitness.) Use as a snack at another point in the day.

You’re putting the work in at the box; optimize your nutrition, maximize your results!

Denise Olson

CrossFit Simsbury | CFS Kids & Teens Coach | CFS Nutrition Coach

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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