• Rob Olson

The CrossFit Open 101

CrossFit Simsbury has over 100 members competing in the Open this year [a HUGE PR]. Here is a quick rundown on what to expect!


- Still come to the box and workout, but scale down more and go a little slower. You want to workout, move, and sweat, but you do not want to do anything that will make you sore.

- Thursday at 8pm CrossFit releases the workout (you can view this online!)

- Thursday night Coach Nick will create the heats for Friday, so make sure you got your "ticket"

Friday Morning/Day

- Normal class schedule throughout the day, except no 4:30pm or 5:30pm classes

- The wod of the day will be the same Open workout

- Expect lighter attendance / smaller classes. Most will be coming at night.

- If you are signed up to do the Open, you can do it in class, but if you want it to count, you must find a judge. (Coaches do not count as judges in class)

Friday Night!

- This is where it all goes down!

- Expect 75+ people to do the workout between 4pm and 8pm

- You will have a specific heat time to do the workout

- Heats will be based on how long the wod is, what equipment is required, and how many are Rx'ing vs Scaling the wod.

- We will have a suggested warmup for you to do, but it will be done on your own in the back room. Make sure you are properly warmed up before your heat!

- Each athlete will have a judge to ensure movement standards are followed. Judges have the best of intentions, if they no-rep you, accept that you did not meet the standards, re-do the rep, and move on.

- Friday night does not count towards attendance if you are on a 12x/mo or punch card.

- Feel free to bring food/drinks and hang out as your watch and support your fellow members!

Saturday / Sunday

- If you did not get to do the Open wod on Friday you can do it on the weekend in Open Gym. If you want it to count, you must find a judge (use the CFS Members Facebook group).


- If you signed up on CrossFit.com for the Open, remember to log your scores! They must be logged by Monday or you will not be able to in the future.

Remember the Open is a unique time of the year. Its a chance for the community to come together, support each other, go for some PRs, and have fun!

If you have any Open related questions, shoot Coach Nick an email nick@cfsimsbury.com

Also be-on-the-lookout (BOLO!) for a nutrition related post on the Open from Coach Denise!

Happy Thursday, good luck tomorrow, and Crush Everything!

- Coach Rob

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