• Rob Olson

3 Ways To Get Better Sleep TONIGHT

Sleep is literally when your body repairs itself. It heals sore muscles. It strengthens your immune system. It organizes your memories. It releases growth hormone (good!) and removes cortisol (bad!). It controls your hunger hormone (too much vs too little). Sleep is crucial to living a healthy life!

The [realistic] goal is 7 hours or more. If you are getting less than 7, you are really reducing your ability to grow, heal, and remember. Over time, this becomes significant. It is not all about quantity though ...

Here are 3 quick tips to get better QUALITY sleep:

  • Blue light filters

  • Every electronic device emits blue light. Blue light interferes with the release of melatonin - the sleep hormone. This means your TV, tablet, laptop, phone, etc are all messing with your sleep!

  • Most new phones and laptops have "night time mode" which enables a blue light filter. Turn this on after 6pm!

  • Best practice - ditch all devices and read a real book before bed.

  • Sleep in a dark, cold room

  • Dark means NO lights. No TV, no visible alarm clock (turn cell phones over), no night lights, nada. Some sleep scientists even suggest room darkening shades or sleep masks.

  • Cold meaning less than 68 degrees.

  • Skip the beer/wine/booze

  • There's no quicker way to throw off your quality sleep. Alcohol is a toxin and the body works hard to remove it. This directly impacts restorative sleep!

  • Skip the alcohol Sunday-Friday at a minimum. [Bonus - reducing alcohol consumption equals saving big bucks!]

  • Whoop data:

^ Alcohol before bed. Notice the higher heart rate in the early stages of sleep as the body works hard to remove the alcohol.

^ No alcohol before bed. Nice low heart rate from the get go!

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