• Rob Olson

Getting Back Into CrossFit After Time Off

Life happens. Sometimes it is not possible to keep a CrossFit membership active. Work, family, finances, and sometimes prolonged illnesses can keep members away from the box for extended periods of time.

Coming back is hard.

But we all know health and happiness are within the walls of CrossFit Simsbury.

Here's how I would recommend you approach your return.

Schedule a No Sweat Intro. Even though you've been a member, use this dedicated time to talk to a Coach about whats happened in your life, how long its been, and the best approach to come back. Direct one-on-one communication with a Coach is paramount.

Our primary goal is to help first.

Some may be able to jump back into class and scale the workouts accordingly.

Some may benefit from doing the Prep Course again to review the fundamentals of CrossFit.

Some may do best with Personal Training.

Some may choose to work on their nutrition with Coach Denise before even coming back to workout.

Some may have a mix of all of the above.

The point is - everyone will have a different path back.

Interested in returning? Click HERE to schedule a No Sweat Intro!

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