• Denise Olson

Maximizing Your Morning

Do you know those days, when you’re getting ready for bed and you think to yourself, “I crushed it today…it was a good day.” You got things done, you’re feeling positive, looking forward to the next day…and you wonder, “Why isn’t every day like this?” Guess what? It can be.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Win the morning, win the day.” A great day starts with a great morning. This sounds simple in theory but is something many people find challenging. So how do you win your morning? It all begins with waking up…earlier than you absolutely need to. Nobody wants to hear this, but the fact is-successful people wake up early. Sleeping in = missed opportunity. So here are a few ways you can set yourself up for success every morning:

1.) Put your alarm on the opposite side of the room. Having to get up and out of bed will get you moving and greatly reduce the chances of hitting the snooze button.

2.) Have a plan. What makes you feel great? DO THAT. Do you feel at the top of your game when you’ve gotten your work out in early? Or when you’ve gotten something off your to-do list? Or when you’ve listened to a podcast you love? Know what you are going to do first thing in the morning, BEFORE you go to bed. If you don’t have a concrete plan, getting up and moving is a lot more challenging. Decide on what you want to accomplish in those precious morning hours and attack it with vigor.

3.) Water. Leave your water bottle at the bedside or in your bathroom and drink it right after you wake up. This is a great way to help you hit your water goal each day and is also going to help you wake up and feel refreshed.

4.) Practice gratitude. A grateful heart is a happy heart; spend a few moments thinking about what you are grateful for each morning and you’ll find yourself approaching the day with a much better outlook.

There’s no such thing as a morning person. There are just people who have chosen to make the most of their mornings. YOU can do this to, and I guarantee you, you’ll go to bed more fulfilled each night.

Denise Olson

CrossFit Simsbury | CFS Kids & Teens Coach | CFS Nutrition Coach

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

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