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Why Run a 5k?

Spring is here. Well technically it is; doesn't really quite feel like it yet, but its coming! With the arrival of spring though comes a return to running. Most members just run in the CrossFit class wod when it pops up, but some take running up as a hobby outside of classes. Here are four reasons to pick up running and even sign up for a 5k race!

1) Test Your Fitness

In CrossFit we measure fitness gains by testing and re-testing certain workouts. Well, a 5k (3.1 miles) is a great cardiovascular test! It is cool to do a 5k each year and see where your fitness has taken you. It always amazes me how I do not run all winter, yet CrossFit has prepared me to tackle this unique challenge and more often than not, PR the run!

2) Another Way to Connect with Friends

5k's are incredibly popular races. There are dozens of races going on all over CT and each has hundreds of participants. Chances are you have friends or family members that run and take part in a 5k race. Joining them in the race is just another way to connect and enjoy time together!

3) To Get Outside and Away from Technology

Sunshine. Nature. Fresh Air. Vitamin D. Its good to get outside and away from our phones and screens. Picking up running as a hobby is a fantastic way to ditch technology for an hour. I recommend running with no headphones for the best detox. Listen to the birds. Let your mind wander. Relax and enjoy!

4) To Improve Your Cardio

Do you feel your cardiovascular system limits you during CrossFit wods? Are you looking to kick it up a notch and improve your aerobic conditioning? Running is a great way to do that! All you need is a good pair of running shoes to get after it!

While running is a natural human function, we tend to ruin it from a performance standpoint with poor form. Similar to CrossFit, focus on mechanics first, then consistency, then intensity/volume. It is more important to focus on technique than it is to just log mile after mile.

If you are interested in detailed running guidance on proper running form, how to pace a run (how fast to run), what to eat around your runs, and what running shoes to look for, check out the Beginners Guide to 5k program starting this Sunday.

As the weather gets nicer we will start going over running form in class as well.

Any questions just shoot me an email - rob@cfsimsbury.com

Happy Running!

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