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The Whoop Diaries - Part 3!

Coach Rob isn’t the only one with a WHOOP ;) here are a few pictures of my recovery and sleep from the past 3 months:

Top picture shows recovery:

Green = Great

Yellow = Average

Red = Bad

Monthly Data:

January: Average Sleep 6:51 (13 Green/8 Red)

February: Average Sleep 7:27 (12 Green/4 Red)

March: Average Sleep 7:49 (18 Green/0 Red)

So a quick explanation, I have quite a bit of red in January, this means that as the month went on I was getting worn down. A lack of proper sleep kept me from recovering properly and my performances suffered accordingly. Fast forward to Feb/March and you will see that I changed my sleep schedule and increased my sleep by about 30 mins each month. Can you guess what happened? My recovery increased and I saw a major decrease in the number of red days, I actually didn’t have any red at all during the month of March!

I took a few things away from this:

-Number One. Sleep is vital to our recovery, and there is a direct correlation between my performance and how well I sleep at night. Improving your sleep = Bigger gains!

-Number Two. Data is useless without action. Because I saw a lack of sleep and acted on it, I was able to increase my recovery. This applies to all things related to our fitness (skills, nutrition, etc.). We can see that we need change, but if we ignore it nothing will happen.

-Number Three. The changes we need to make do not happen overnight, we must trust the process and make lasting changes. I didn’t start getting hours of extra sleep after one day, I slowly increased it over a month and now I have a good routine which gets me the correct amount of sleep my body needs.

We all know what must be done, but without action it is useless. The changes don’t need to be drastic: put the phone away 30mins before bed, go to bed 15mins earlier, start small and build your way up to longer and higher quality sleep. I promise your body and your mind will thank you!

- Coach Nick

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