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Running Season FAQs

Spring is finally here! Which equates to more running in the WODs at CrossFit Simsbury. Here are a few key FAQs to keep in mind:

1) What shoes should I wear?

Imagine putting tractor tires on a race car. Wouldn't perform very well would it! Shoes make a huge difference!

For typical CrossFit wods with short amounts of running mixed with other movements, I default to my Reebok Nanos (CrossFit shoes).

If a workout has more than 1 mile of running, I personally will opt for wearing my running shoes. I have found that higher volume running in the CrossFit shoes bothers my joints.

Conversely, if we are doing weightlifting (back squat 3x10 for instance), you do NOT want to wear running shoes! The added cushion in the running shoes actually works against you when lifting weights, and more often than not it pushes you onto your toes (better for running, bad for lifting).

If you are in the market for new shoes, I HIGHLY recommend Fleet Feet in West Hartford. They know people, they know athletes, and they know shoes. It is well worth the visit to get shoes that fit YOU versus just buying a pair online because they have good reviews.

2) What distance should I run?

Running is like weight lifting. You do not want to do too much too soon.

You want to:

- Improve technique first

- Increase the intensity and consistency second

- Increase the volume last

People often get running injuries (joint pain, stiff legs/feet, etc) from doing too much distance too quickly. Just like CrossFit, you are better off keeping the weight light and working on your technique before getting to the heavy stuff.

How far is too far starting off? If you typically Rx the cardio, then Rx the run. If you L1 the cardio, then L1 the run. The most important thing here is to listen to your body!

3) Can I row instead of run?

If running does bother you, you are always welcome to row or bike for the workout. This is not permission to just skip running if you dislike it, but if you have a legit injury or running exacerbates an old injury, by all means hop on a rower! Running is a skill and we want to improve it, but in the end cardio is cardio, that is the most important thing.

4) How can I improve my technique?

We will do running drills in some upcoming classes, but in the meantime check out this blog about running form!

Any questions feel free to shoot me an email!



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