• Rob Olson

Why You Should Try Trail Running

When it comes to running, most opt for the road. They lace up their shoes, head out of their house, down the driveway, and just start running. That certainly offers convenience, but here are 3 reasons why you should try to get on a trail next time you go for a run!

1) Its more fun

If you find running boring, its time to hop on some trails. The twisting, winding, up and down nature of some good woodsy trails makes it much more engaging. On my trail run yesterday, I found myself in parts of McLean Game Refuge I had never explored before, and I was amazed at the beauty in the town I live in.

2) It is better for your joints

Pavement is very hard. Dirt is less hard. Want to treat your joints to some cushion - hit the dirt trail for your next run!

3) It promotes better running form

You can get away with all kinds of poor running technique on the road. But in the woods? Not so much. Trails can have all kinds of obstacles, mainly roots and rocks. Why is this good? It makes sure you run by "pulling" your leg up, and not "shuffling" it forward and back. If you shuffle, you will trip. If you pull, you will enjoy good technique and a smooth run.

New to trail running and looking for a good spot to start? I highly recommend McLean Game Refuge, and entering on Rt 10 near the Stop & Shop in Granby. Have fun!

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