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Shin Splints! Causes and Fixes

Running season is here and for some, it unfortunately brings with it some nagging pains. One common running injury is shin splints.

What is "Shin Splints"

From the Mayo Clinic - "If you have shin splints, you might notice tenderness, soreness or pain along the inner side of your shinbone and mild swelling in your lower leg. At first, the pain might stop when you stop exercising. Eventually, however, the pain can be continuous and might progress to a stress reaction or stress fracture."

What causes shin splints?

Most common reason is running too far too soon. A good rule of thumb is to only increase your weekly running distance by 10%. So if you ran 5 miles last week, next week you should only run 5.5 miles.

Secondary reasons for shin splints are flat feet, incorrect shoes for your foot type, poor running technique, and weak hips/core.

What can you do to help them go away?

Unfortunately all they need is rest. This is time to focus on upper body workouts or non-load-bearing cardio.

What can you do to help prevent them coming back?

Follow the CrossFit methodology of "mechanics ---> consistency ---> intensity/volume". This means learn proper running technique first, and only then, start adding volume. Remember the rule above, only add 10% distance each week, no more.

Ensure you have proper running form (click here to read a blog on running technique)

Ensure you are running with proper fitting shoes. We recommend Fleet Feet in West Hartford. Best shoe store run by professionals around.

Ensure you are strength training your hips and your core.

Any questions let us know! While we cannot diagnose shin splints, we can certainly analyze your running form and discuss options that may help!

About the Author

Rob Olson Owner / Head Coach

Growing up in Simsbury, I started playing ice hockey soon after I started walking. I continued to play up through high school, as well as playing lacrosse and running cross country at Avon Old Farms. In addition, I also played football, raced mountain bikes, skied (then) and snowboard (now). I also enjoy road biking if I have the free time. If it’s athletic, chances are I like it, and have done it. I was first introduced to CrossFit at BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training) in 2008. I continued to use and benefit from CrossFit training during my time as a US Navy SEAL, with tours to Afghanistan, Africa, and Europe. I am very passionate about CrossFit, and whole heartedly believe everybody can benefit from it. CrossFit will not only get you in better shape, but the effects will translate into your personal and professional life as well, such as learning perseverance, commitment, teamwork, integrity, and community. The pursuit of health and fitness is a lifelong journey, and I have found CrossFit to be the most efficient and streamlined training method. Contact me at rob@cfsimsbury.com


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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Diane Fu Olympic Weightlifting

Special Operations Medic – ATP / EMT / PEPP / ACLS / CPR / AED

Fitness Achievements:

My goal is to continually increase my general physical conditioning. I like to be strong while still having an endurance capacity.

Newport Marathon 2015 (3:53)

Ironman 70.3 Syracuse 2017 (6:40)

Ironman 140.6 Lake Placid 2017 (14:14)

The North Face (MA) 50k 2018 (8:28)

Deadlift 525lb

Bench Press 315lb

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