• Rob Olson

Sore? Here's 4 Ways to Improve Recovery

Murph was a doozy. Many of us are sore. Really sore.

How can we recover better?

Here's 4 quick tips:

1. Foam Roll. MORE

Many hit the foam rollers right after Murph which is great. But that was it. If you are sore, you should be on that foam roller 10 minutes per day, minimum. The more the better! Do you watch a show at night? Get a foam roller for at home and roll for 30-45 minutes during the show. This is legit!

2. Massage

Foam rolling and lacrosse balling are great, but self-myofascial release will only get you so far. Sometimes you need a professional to dig in there and release the muscles. I like to think of massages like oil changes in your car. It should be routine maintenance. If you do them regularly, you are less likely to get damaged. Is it an added cost? Absolutely. But to me, that added cost is worth it in comparison to a muscle strain or other injury that might sideline me for a few weeks.

3. Skip the alcohol

If alcohol is in the system, your body is busy trying to remove that (because its a toxin) and is not rebuilding your sore muscles. Alcohol also wrecks your sleep, which brings me to my next point...

4. Sleep more!

Sleep is underrated in our society. Being busy and sleeping less is almost worn with pride. But as one exercise physiologist put it ... "sleep is the greatest performance enhancing drug there is."

When you get good quality deep sleep, you release growth hormone. If you get poor quality sleep, or not enough sleep, you wont produce as much growth hormone. Less growth hormone = less recovery and less gains.

That alcohol I mentioned above? It wrecks quality sleep and directly reduces deep sleep. You may fall asleep quicker, but thats a facade.

5. BONUS TIP! Keep Moving!

The worst thing to do when you are really sore is to stop moving. Skipping the next workout is only going to solidify your already stiff muscles.

Come to the gym. Scale the workout down even more, and just move. Get the body warm, sweat, loosen up the muscles, and just move. This is one of the best things you can do to relieve sore muscles!

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