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Shoe Review - Reebok Nano 9

I always say, you should spend money on a good mattress and a good pair of shoes. You spend 30% of your life sleeping, so you should have a good mattress to help you get quality sleep. You also spend a good amount of time standing (or working out!), and your feet deserve quality shoes! Skimping on either of these could easily translate to nagging pains and injuries that are otherwise easily avoided.

Anyhow, I got a new pair of shoes for Fathers Day! The new Reebok Nano 9.

They retail for about $130, and are the newest version in the Nano lineup. The Nano 8's came out almost a year and half ago!

Initial take:


Comfy feel putting them on

Solid base for squatting and jumping

Excellent rope climb grip

Sizing true


Seem a little stiff for running anything longer than a few hundred meters. Break-in may help with this though!

*For those of you that had the infamous Nano 7, those were SUPER stiff, and the Nano 9 is nowhere near the 7.

Overall Verdict

Love them. 9/10. Highly recommend for any CrossFit athlete.

Remember, shoes break down over time. If you've had a shoe for longer than 6 months and have put decent steps in them, consider a replacement in the near future!

I always recommend our friends over at Fleet Feet in West Hartford. Locally owned shoe store with very knowledgeable employees about shoes, running, and working out!

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