• Rob Olson

Intro to the Ski Erg

CrossFit Simsbury just purchased 3 new Ski Ergs! You will

see these at the far end of the gym, bolted to the wall. Here is a quick rundown on what they are, how to use them, and why you want to use it!

What is it?

The machine is made by the same company that makes the rowers - C2 - so you will see a lot of familiarity!

It is a machine that replicates the movement of Nordic Cross Country Skiing. It is a full body low impact way of working out.

How do you use it?

What muscles does it use?

As you can see from this illustration - pretty much every muscle!

The big ones worth noting and where you will probably feel it most:


Lats (back muscles)


You will see these in some workouts coming up, and feel free to use them anytime a workout has "calories" listed as the movement.

Last note - because of the location of these, and the fact that they are bolted to the wall, please only use them during a class that you are a part of, or during non-class-time-open-gym. Phrased another way, if the "9am" class is going on, please do not walk through the class at 9:47 to use the ski erg even if they are open. Open gym activity should be in the back room whenever it is open, or closest to the TVs if its in use. Thank you!

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