• Rob Olson

Check the Wod, Or Just Show Up?

Before coming to class ... do you check the wod? Or do you just show up? If you do check, what do you do with that information?

Lets discuss.

First, it is important to know that CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, done at relative high intensity. The key here for today's discussion is constantly varied. This means that each day brings a unique workout that will place a unique demand/stress on your body (in a good way) and that will result in becoming more fit. A key distinction is that workouts are constantly varied - not random. Movements, weights, volume, and intensity are all carefully chosen and woven together week by week. This means that consistent, regular attendance is key to getting the best result (fitness).

Second, why is the wod even posted? There are three main reasons we post the wod.

1) To allow members to see what gear/clothes they need for the workout

2) To allow members to google movements to refresh themselves before coming to class (newer members)

3) To allow members to come up with a gameplan for the workout (more experienced members)

With this information in mind, when you check the wod the night before, how does it impact you? Does it change anything? Do you prepare in any way? Mentally or physically? Do you come up with a gameplan for the wod, or do you wait until class to hear what the coach has to say about the stimulus and scaling?

There are a lot of pros to posting the wod, and only one major drawback - cherry picking. Cherry picking is a term used to describe when people look at a workout in advance, and then decide not to go because they dont like something about it. We are all adults, and if somebody doesnt want to do a certain workout, that is up to them. But members sign up with us at CrossFit Simsbury to improve their physical fitness and overall health. As mentioned earlier, every workout has a purpose, a unique stimulus and reason as to "why" we are doing it. If you miss this workout, you miss improving a part of your physical fitness. Worse, you are opening the door to creating the habit of cherry picking. This is most detrimental to the athlete, for if they continually miss certain movements or workouts, they will having gaping holes in their fitness and physical capabilities. Lastly, the habit of cherry picking will carry over to other parts of your life. You will soon find yourself making excuses for anything you do not want to do. Its a very slippery slope. Its the same as that healthy eating 70% of the time will not yield any positive results. You need to be all in. It needs to be 100%

A very big part of CrossFit is about having an open mind. A willingness to learn, a willingness to try, and a willingness to be a part of something challenging; and becoming better because of it. Coaches are here to help you, fellow athletes are here to encourage you; We are all in it together.

My personal recommendation - commit to going tomorrow, then check the wod, research the movements, get your gear/clothes, and mentally prepare yourself to crush everything! You got it!

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