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Need to Stretch? Here are 4 Great Options to Help!

Lets face it, many of us are tight. Because of how we work, sit, and navigate our daily lives, our muscles become shortened and thus … tight. This makes it harder to get into the correct positions in CrossFit. Here are 4 GREAT options to help you become more flexible!

Option 1

Sunday Mobility Class at 11am

Yes, you heard this correctly! CrossFit Simsbury has a coach-led stretching/mobility class every Sunday at 11am. This class will have you using bands, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and equipment around the gym in addition to your regular yoga/stretching poses.


Coach-Led in person. Get feedback if you are doing the stretch/move correctly or not.


Time, if Sunday mornings you are busy

Option 2



This is a new program, and gaining a lot of momentum! It is a paid app, $10/month.

When you start, it has you take a mobility test. It "learns" about you, and then the cool thing about this is you tell it the daily wod, and it gives you stretches to do BEFORE class based on your mobility test!


Custom warmup for YOU based on YOUR mobility and the upcoming workout!


Must be able to show up to class 15 minutes early

Option 3



This is a paid service, $14/month. Think of it as yoga for crossfitters. They have a daily video that you stream and follow along with. Most routines are 20 minutes long, but they do have "short" versions as well. One day a week they have a long routine, 45 minutes, which is perfect for your rest day!


Great way to stretch at home (or at the gym if you stream on your phone)


Tends to be a lot of lower body. If you have tight shoulders / upper body this will help a little, but may be not enough.

Option 4



This is a paid service, about $10/month. They put out daily videos as well for you to follow along, but have 2 videos per day. One is called "perform" which is meant to do before the workout, and the other is "recover" is meant to be done after.


The most technical of all the programs. Very detailed. For example, the daily perform will be "Warmup for heavy squats" and you'll need bands, bars, balls, or other gear. If you are about to do heavy squats and are at the gym with this gear available, its amazing.


If you aren't doing, for example, heavy squats today, and todays video is heavy squats, then you have to go in and search for a video on the workout you are doing today. Not a big issue, but can take a minute to find a video that you need for the day. Also, you need gear for this program. The perform usually needs to be done at the gym.

Between these 4 options, hopefully you can find one that works for you! We all need to stretch … the more the better. Any questions reach out and let me know!

- Coach Rob


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