• JP Brower

Rx or Scale? Coach JP's take

As you read this, know that I’m writing this fresh after a workout that I did not scale appropriately.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for over six years now and yes I still am learning.

Sometimes I push my limits, because, with progress those limits change. On occasion I believe it’s ok to say to yourself before a workout, “ok, I’m not totally sure I can do this, but, let’s give it a shot”. Keeping in mind that if my form goes then it’s time to scale back. Honestly, how else can you test to see if you’ve advanced your fitness then to push past your limits on occasion? The keys being “form” and “ on occasion”. Keep your form and therefore not compromise your body. If you mess yourself up for a week you are not making gains. Every day is not the time to push past your limits.

I know the feeling. I’m competitive, sometimes to a fault. Wanting to Rx the workout every time. Checking that leaderboard to see if you really gave it all you had. Wondering how you could have done better.

Here’s the thing… simply by showing up you are winning.

The goal for all of us is quality years of health. To be in your 80s and still tying your own shoes. Velcro shoes by choice not need. Take it easy on yourself once in a while. I take entire weeks where I purposefully don’t Rx any workouts or don’t check the leaderboard for a week. I try to leave knowing I moved well and had fun.

The Rx for the workout is designed to give the appropriate stimulus to the athlete capable of the weight/movement within that time domain. Look at that Rx scaling and think to yourself. Can I do this well? How am I feeling today? Is today a day that I want to see how far I can push myself? It’s all very individual. The leaderboard is a tool to be used. It tracks your fitness so you can see your progress. It helps with goals. Don’t let it become overwhelming.

Be smart. Be kind to yourself. Know that by showing up and having fun you are taking steps to a healthier happier life. When the day comes where it’s your day to crush the work out, give it all you’ve got.

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