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Scaling Terminology Update

Scaling the Scaling:

For years, CrossFit Simsbury has used the Rx/L2/L1 format to help members choose what scaling they should do during a WOD. It has always been effective, but now we find that it is getting outdated and is in need of some changes.

We all come to CFS for different reasons, and those reasons shape our goals. Lose weight, build muscle, get stronger/faster, just be healthy and move, etc. Your approach to workouts should reflect these goals. If you want to lose weight, intensity is the key; more intensity = more work done = more calories burned. If you want to get stronger, pushing the weight a little more will help you get there. The point is, we as coaches want to help you reach these goals and the current scaling format doesn’t give you a clear path.

So starting next week we are changing things up! Here is what the options will look like

-Health: For those looking to come into the gym and achieve a higher quality of life. Lighter weights and less complex movements will give you a great opportunity to walk out of the gym healthier than before while getting a great sweat and quality movement in. Most athletes will start here at the beginning of their CrossFit journey; some like to stay at this level while others might move to a different scaling option.

-Fitness: For those looking to maintain a solid base level of fitness and health. You will still see some complex movements, but at reasonable loads (weights) and reps. Athletes that choose this level have been doing CrossFit for at least a few months and have developed good form in the majority of common movements.

-Sport (Rx): This option is for athletes that have been doing CrossFit for a few years and have developed good form while maintaining intensity. They also want to see how they stack up against other athletes of similar fitness levels. Athletes that choose “Sport” should have great overall fitness and be competent in all the common movements and some more advanced moves. (Don’t worry the blue button will remain, but as always we want you to understand that the Rx button does not determine what level athlete you are.)

-Competition (Rx+):This category is for CrossFit athletes that have been at CFS for at least 3+ years. They have a great all around grasp on their fitness and want to take things to a whole different level. At “Competition Scaling” weights are much heavier and the difficulty of movements goes up, all while intensity and safety must remain. You should be comfortable with almost any workout that is thrown your way, no matter how complex or intense it is. We want everyone to challenge themselves, but you should check with a coach to make sure this option is appropriate for you.

As always, these are just suggestions! You can always ask a coach for advice on how to attack a certain WOD, we love getting creative and trying to find the perfect scaling for each member and their goals!

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