• Rob Olson

The New Mobility App on The Block!

First there was "stretching".

Then came MobilityWOD and ROMWOD. MobilityWOD was often too technical for everyday CrossFitters, but was great for more advanced athletes. ROMWOD is basically yoga for CrossFitters, which some love and find it a soothing way to stretch on a rest day, while others find boring.

Now there is a new kid on the block - GoWOD.

I just started my free 14 day trial, and will be using this new program for the month of October and will report back on my mobility gains. Here is a quick breakdown of why this app is different.

It starts off by having you take a mobility test. It walks you through step by step, getting measurements on your mobility! It then "customizes" the stretching routines it gives you based on where you need it most.

Those stretching routines I mentioned - it gives you routines before BEFORE a wod, AFTER a wod, and a general stretch for rest days. Here's the really cool part: when you tell it you want to stretch before or after a wod, it asks what movements are in the wod! So if you are doing a back squat and wallball workout, your stretches are going to reflect all lower body moves.

To my knowledge, an app has never personalized the warmup/cooldown/mobility to such a level. It also gives you "scores" on your mobility, which you re-test every month, to show you bright spots (PRs) and keep you engaged in a healthy activity.

Worth noting - all of these apps (MobilityWOD, RomWOD, and GoWOD are all about $15/mo)

I'll keep you posted on the results!

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