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The Importance of Mobility

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You will often hear a coach talk about “mobilizing”, but what does that really mean and why is it so important in fitness?

If we look past using mobility as more than just a way to cool down or recover post WOD, we can actually see that it has many important effects during our workouts and everyday life. The most common thing that coaches see is athletes that cannot get into proper position when doing movements. They struggle to get the bar locked out overhead or can’t quite get enough depth in their squat. The big red flag with this is that athletes whose bodies are not capable of certain positions will try to “force” their way into it. Proper mobility will allow for safer and more consistent movement, simple as that.

Quality mobility will also allow more efficient movement! Imagine having tight shoulders and trying to do handstand pushups. Lack of mobility can actually make it more difficult to achieve the finish position, meaning you have to exert more effort to find a way to get there. Apply this to a barbell movement and if you look carefully you can actually see that the bar needs to travel in a less ideal path, again efficiency is lost. Start adding up the reps and you have to work that much harder compared to someone who has great range of motion. Attain a high level of mobility and you will find that movement takes less effort, thereby allowing you to go faster, do more repetitions and get more fit!

The final and probably less known reason why mobility is important is that it can directly affect your ability to create power in your body. A lack of hip mobility for instance, can make it harder to engage the glutes which in turn will make most functional movement, like squats or deadlifts, less powerful. Everything is connected, so tight shoulders could be hurting your overhead presses, but they could also affect your back squat or deadlift. If you can’t properly engage the posterior chain (aka the back side of your body) because of a lack of mobility, you will almost always lose power somewhere. Your body is amazing and will of course compensate for any deficiencies, but I think it’s cool knowing that there is still more power to be unlocked!

If you feel like you are tight in the shoulders, back, hip or wherever don’t be afraid to ask a coach for mobility ideas (or come to Sunday mobility class!). We want you to maximize your fitness, and mobility plays a huge role in that. So grab a foam roller, lacrosse ball or PVC and get after it!

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