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Kettlebell Kitchen Replacements

Last weeks email that Kettlebell Kitchen was closing its doors was a shock to everyone. They were expanding and seemingly doing well ... but that must have not been the case. Anyhow, with the company no longer delivering meals, here are a few options for you to try:

** Note - I personally have not used any of these yet. I was a loyal KBK user and all of these companies are new to me through word of mouth or research. None of the new companies deliver to the gym, they all ship to your house. I will be testing some of these out in the near future and will keep you guys updated! If you try one of these companies out, please let me know what you think about it. **

1. Trifecta


What I like here is that you can order meals, or you can order parts of meals (a-la-cart) and put your own meals together. For example, I can order a protein, a carb, and veggies and then portion out my own meals. Or I can go with their pre-made meals for an easier grab-n-go option.

No long term commitments, but they do have meal plans that auto-ship if you love their product for ease.

2. Ice Age Meals


Paleo meals that come frozen and you re-heat as needed. Only caveat here is that you buy in bulk. The more you buy the more you save, so if you fall in love with a meal(s) this could be a pretty good option.

3. Paleo Power Meals


This is the company that Ben Bergeron and Katrin Davidsdottir use (are sponsored by). Website could use an update but the meals look good.

4. Territory


This is the company that Kettlebell Kitchen is suggesting we use. They do not delivery to gyms in our area (yet) but you can get it shipped to your house - for a small added fee.

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