• Rob Olson

Protect Your Time

The holidays are approaching. For many, it's the happiest time of the year, and for good reason. We see more of our families and friends, and those of us with kids get to see them filled with joy from Santa and/or other holiday traditions. From a health + wellness perspective and having had hundreds of members over the past 6+ years, we also see a different story over the holidays:

- Many members see a decrease in their attendance [from holiday parties, to events, to shopping, to days off]

- Many members see pounds added or an increased waistline [the combination of more treats than usual, plus more alcohol than usual, all while working out less than usual]

It doesn't have to be this way!

I want you to think about YOU this holiday season too. Typically this time of year we are thinking about everybody else and pleasing them and you take last place. Your gym habit falls in order to please your mother-in-law who asked you to do an errand. Your nutrition habits fall through in order to please the cousin who brought a dessert that you asked not to bring.


If going to the gym helps you keep your sanity, then PRIORITIZE going.

If going to the gym helps you make healthier meal choices, then PRIORITIZE going.

If going to the gym makes you feel better after a good sweat, then PRIORITIZE going.

There are dozens of reasons to prioritize the gym, but it doesn't always end up that way.

In today's culture, many are afraid to offend. They don't want to seem selfish for taking an hour to go to the gym and instead end up doing what everyone else wants to do. If the people you are spending time with truly care about you, then they will understand that going to the gym is important to you (Plus if you are like me, you will be in a better mood after working out!) Be proud of your healthy habit, and be an inspiration to others. Stick to your guns!

Need an additional fail-safe? Input your intended class time into your calendar. For example, Nov 28 (Thanksgiving) 6am CrossFit Class. That may help you stick to it and make better choices Nov 27!

CrossFit Simsbury Members - remember you can book a Goal Setting Session with a Coach, and discuss these very topics in person and come up with strategies for success! We are here to help you achieve your goals. To book, go to:


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