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2019 CrossFit Simsbury Superlative Awards

At the annual CrossFit Simsbury Holiday Party we presented our Superlative Awards. Below you can find this years winners - congratulations!

Attendance - Stacey Hicks

To date this year, she has over 385 classes attended! For those counting, it averages to about 9 classes per week! This is an incredible feat of not only hard work in class, but shows how dialed her nutrition and recovery efforts are to enable her to workout so much!

Transformation - Ruben Madrid

Ruben has been a member for only 6 months, but in that time has lost an incredible amount of weight and totally transformed himself. He started off with the Prep Course + Nutrition, and has continued with nutrition and consistent CrossFit classes ever since! Now health and wellness is a family affair, as his wife Monica and 2 daughters have joined as well!

Best Duo - Randy Sykes and Rob Werk

These two guys workout at the 5:30pm class, encouraging and challenging each other along the way with positive attitudes. You can also find them hanging out after class, practicing bar muscle ups, getting some extra strength training in, and just plain having fun and talking with others.

Positive Pete Award - Peter Gailey!

This is the first year we've given this award, and quite frankly, we created the award just because Peter is such an amazing guy and displays positivity like no other. The room literally brightens and warms up upon his entrance. You just can't help but smile when he is around!

CrossFit Kool Aid - Sarah Kapp

Sarah has been a member for a little over a year. Her husband Morgan started first, and she took a little convincing before joining herself. But ever since she started, she's been hooked, and crushing everything. She's worked on her nutrition with Coach Denise, she implemented programming from Coach Rob and absolutely crushed her half Ironman this past summer, and she currently is working on building strength through a lifting program. Sarah is all-in, and the results show!

Most Improved - Jeff Soto

This award was also nicknamed the "work horse" award, for Jeff displays his hard work ethic day in and day out. This year so far, he has accumulated 46 PRs! You will find him at the 6am class giving every workout everything he has!

Couple of the Year - Rocky and Katie

This dynamic duo have been a part of CrossFit Simsbury for almost 5 years. They both average about 5 classes per week, and both have accumulated a significant amount of PRs this year. Best of all, they display virtusosity in their movements, practice good habits like mobilizing and extra stretching after their workouts.

Most importantly though, they are selfless. Katie is a physical therapist by day, and has implemented a program at CFS where she meets with all new members to help make sure they stay safe in class. Rocky was instrumental in bringing the Holcomb Farm CSA to CFS to members could more easily grab healthy veggies!

Class of the Year - 5:30pm

This class is like a great group of friends. They are all so friendly, so encouraging, and so dedicated. It's no surprise that the Best Duo, Kool Aid, and Member of the Year all hailed from 5:30pm!

Member of the Year - Jon Brown

Jon has been a member at CFS for about a year and a half. He averages 4 classes per week (at 5:30pm). He did a nutrition challenge here about a year ago, and has continued with that nutrition plan since then and has lost over 60lbs! Most notably, he exudes a positive, can-do attitude. If you are friends with Jon on Facebook, you know all about his posts which display gratitude, enthusiasm, and just plain happiness. In class he encourages everyone, and as displayed in last weekends Soul Crusher Hero Wod "Chad", even though he finished the wod and did his 1,000 step-ups, he continued to step-up until the last person had finished. He accumulated over 1,600 step ups! Lastly, he has famously coined the phrase "easy" and applies it to every workout, every day. He truly employs a crush-everything mindset, and nothing holds him back. We can't wait to see what he accomplishes next!

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