• Nick Shea

Why Do We Work on Our Weaknesses?

In CrossFit we define fitness with 10 different components:

-Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance










The goal as a “CrossFit” athlete is to improve on all of these components to elevate our health and be in a constant state of GPP (General Physical Preparedness). We want to be ready for the unknown and the unknowable, this means that we need to constantly be evaluating and attacking our weaknesses. If we ignore them, our overall level of fitness will suffer and will struggle to improve. When one piece of the chain suffers, so do the rest. I may be an incredibly strong athlete, but if my flexibility is lacking then I will struggle to reach full range of motion. I may be able to squat 600 pounds, but if I lack cardio endurance I will never be able to run 1 mile. All of these components are connected and can directly impact the others. So we need to make sure that we always attack our weakness and look at our least favorite movements/WODs in a positive way. Hate running? Look at it as an opportunity to increase your cardio for pullups, squats and other moves. Are Thrusters stopping you from going to the gym? They are a great chance to improve your “core to extremity” capacity!

We all have weaknesses, from the person that walks in on his first day to the 10 year CrossFit veteran and we all need to attack these weaknesses to improve. So the next time you see burpees or thrusters and think about skipping, turn it around and look at it as a great opportunity to improve yourself as an athlete. A growth mindset is a powerful thing. If you can adopt these habits in the gym, you will also notice them transfer over to your personal and work life! Its gains all around! Crush everything!

Members - remember if you want help creating a plan to attack your weaknesses, you can schedule a Goal Setting Session with a Coach to discuss!

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