• Rob Olson

3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Sleep

If you want to feel better, recover better, and have better performance in your workouts, all the good stuff we all want, then improving your sleep is often the best bang for your buck so to speak.

Here are 3 quick ways to get some sleep gains:


Without getting into the science, your body's internal clock (circadian rhythm) wants you to go to bed at the same time every day, and get up at the same time every day.

In the old days, it meant going to bed when the sun went down, and getting up when the sun came up.

Now we have electronics that throw that rhythm way off. Your body does not like it when you go to bed at 930pm on Thursday, 11pm on Friday, and then 830pm on Sunday. It also does not like a 5am wakeup on the weekdays and then 7am on the weekends.

Consistency is what your body craves.

Best practice - Same schedule every day. For example: Wakeup 5am. Bed 9pm.

Second best - Aim for 1 hour windows in which you operate.

For example:

Bedtime between 9pm and 10pm every day.

Wakeup between 5am and 6am every day.

Make It Dark

Electronics emit blue wave light. Blue wave light interferes with melatonin creation. Melatonin helps you fall asleep. Therefore, electronics disrupt your bodies natural ability to fall asleep.

Best practice - Turn off all electronics one hour before bed. No tv, no phone, nothing.

Second best - Turn on your devices "blue light filter" or wear blue light blocking glasses.

Skip The Booze (Or Have It Earlier)

Alcohol is the number one contributor to poor sleep QUALITY. You will fall asleep faster, but the quality of the sleep is terrible. The body is busy trying to remove the toxins (alcohol is a toxin to the body) and until the toxins are removed, quality sleep will not be achieved.

Best practice - No alcohol

Second best - Limit alcohol to 2 or less drinks, and stop drinking a few hours before bedtime.

Try implementing one or all three of these tips and see how you feel and how you perform! The gains are out there - prioritize and go get it!

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