• Denise A Olson

3 Things You’ll Gain From Doing a Nutrition Challenge

The Resolute RESET is right around the corner. At ResoluteFIT, we offer two nutrition challenges a year. These challenges serve as a kickstart to your nutrition journey. We aren’t aiming for perfect nutrition for a set period of time. We’re not looking to cut out whole food groups. And we certainly aren’t running a rigorous program that you’ll be dying to finish.

The Resolute RESET is designed to be a launching pad for your success; an opportunity for you to prioritize your goals and your health, and establish healthy habits that will support both of these things.

Whether you’ve never heard of nutrition coaching before, or you’ve taken part in one of our challenges before, here are 3 things you can expect to gain from taking part in this nutrition challenge.

  1. Clarity. With the start of a new year come new goals. Goals are awesome; without them, we are wandering aimlessly. Having a goal gives you some direction. Do you know what’s even more important than the goal, though? The plan you have in place. And this is where many people struggle, and falter. It’s why the majority of people who start the year off with a goal in mind-will not achieve it. WIth so much misinformation out there about nutrition, our goal is to clear it up and make it SIMPLE. Over the course of the challenge, you will learn a little each week that will simplify nutrition and take the guess workout out.

  2. Confidence. Many people are overwhelmed by the idea of meal prep, or making changes to nutrition. We are going to give you tools to be successful; tips and tricks that make these things much more manageable. Feeling confident in your ability to execute the plan is huge. Not to mention the confidence you gain as you see the results of your hard work!

  3. Energy. Do you know what happens when you finally start fueling the machine (our favorite reference to eating well)? You start feeling AMAZING. You have more energy, you sleep better, workouts feel better. You’re in a better mood, you have more patience, and you’re a better wife/husband/mom/dad, you name it-you’re doing it better.

Clarity. Confidence. Energy. Could you benefit from one, are ALL of these things?! The Resolute RESET 6 Week Partner Challenge will run from January 25-March 8 with our virtual kickoff seminar on 1/23 (don’t worry if you can’t make it-it will be recorded!) If you’ve struggled with your nutrition over the holidays, during this pandemic...or even for your whole life...this challenge is for you. Grab a partner-friend, neighbor, coworker-and sign up!! If you don’t have a partner-no worries, sign up and we will take care of the rest.

With the craziness of this past year, if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s how important it is to be healthy. This starts with your nutrition. Join us to take control of yours and crush your goals this year.

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